When a Palestinian Terrorist Meets Jesus

Amazing things happen when the Holy Spirit moves and non-believers are confronted with the reality of Jesus Christ! We’re in the midst of a 31-day journey to pray for Israel, and hearing testimonies of what the Lord is doing in the lives of Jews, Palestinians and Arabs in and around Israel is so encouraging.

Jesus is making Himself known in many ways to those we may not expect to encounter Him. But the Lord desires that none should perish, so why are we surprised when He claims an outcast as His own? How about a Palestinian terrorist? No problem for a gracious God who sent His Son to save us all from sin.

So, meet Omar…

Our prayer journey is on day 17 and this afternoon’s prayer point will guide you in how to pray for the outreach of Arabs and Palestinians, in addition to Jews. Consider Omar’s story, then check in this afternoon’s post for prayer points to help you pray specifically for the “Omar’s” in the Middle East!

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