Day 17: 31 Days of Prayer for Israel – Reaching All Israel

One needs only to visit Israel to realize the proximity of Jews and Arabs in Israel. They live among one another, mostly peacefully. In ministry, it is virtually impossible to minister to Jews without saving some Arabs and Palestinians along the way! What a blessing, as One for Israel shares the love of the Messiah with Jews and Arabs alike. Check out this morning’s post, When a Palestinian Terrorist Meets Messiah, then jump into prayer for all of Israel!

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

~Matthew 5:16

One for Israel is reaching ALL Israel, including Arab Israelis, Palestinians, and many throughout the Middle East! OFI’s Arabic outreach team produces evangelistic videos and materials that reach Arabic-speakers within Israel, into Gaza and the West Bank, and beyond Israel’s borders.

Pray for the Gospel of peace to transform many lives, and for the protection of One for Israel’s Arabic outreach team. Pray for inspiration and wisdom as OFI shares the Gospel with Arab brothers and sisters. Also pray for the new Muslim background believers, for safety and strength as they take their first steps of faith, often in extremely challenging circumstances.

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