160 Israeli Jets Totally Destroyed Hamas Tunnels and Bunkers in 40 Minutes

In what is likely the greatest barrage in Israeli history just hours ago, the Israeli Air Force sent 160 fighter jets into Gaza overnight to fire off over 400 missiles that completely destroyed Hamas terror tunnels in downtown Gaza. It took roughly 35-40 minutes to decimate the tunnels where so many terrorists typically moved about, but met their death last night. The world is getting a look at just how precise and how deadly the Israeli Air Force is.

Amir Tsarfati posted a brief report on Facebook. Here it is:

Gaza is in shambles, and a loud message is being sent to Iran and all its terror proxies.

Interestingly, because America is out of the picture, leaders in the region are turning to….guess who? Yes, Russia. Shades of Ezekiel 38.

BTW – what is the Biden administration doing? It appears, saying one thing, but doing another. On national TV, Biden, Blinken and other US officials are stating that Israel has a right to defend herself. However, Biden continues to promise tens of billions to the Iranians if they will return to the negotiating table. Where do you think that money will go? Same place it has gone for years before the Trump administration put a stop to it: straight to terrorist organizations such as Hamas…who is responsible for the current events in Israel and Gaza! The absurdity would be laughable if it wasn’t so deadly.

Once again, the convergence of American double-talk, Israel taking care of business, and the church being called to occupy till Jesus comes, all pointing toward Bible prophecy!

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