Israel Air Force Strikes Iranian Targets in Syria

Israel has taken action once again on Iranian military sites in Syria.  Targets at al-Kiswah (south of Damascus) were hit overnight on Thursday, taking out weapon storage warehouses and a base.  

According to Syrian media outlet, SANA, the Syrian army fired its air defense weapons, hitting an Israeli aircraft and shooting down several missiles.  However, it is believed all Israeli aircraft returned safely home and most, if not all, targets were destroyed.  Officials will examine satellite surveillance to confirm.

As things shake again in the Middle East, be reminded that things are happening exactly according to Bible prophecy.  We are watching it happen right before our very eyes, and we can be sure that we are living in the last days.  Are you ready for the coming of our Bridegroom?  Let’s be found ready and prepared, as a bride awaiting the Bridegroom!  Be steadfast, my Christian friends!

Amir Tsarfati Comments on Today’s Action in Syria and Current Events in Israel

Earlier today Israeli jets took off from an airbase in the Jezreel Valley and, according to sources on the ground in Syria, engaged in airstrikes on as-yet-to-be-identified targets inside Syria.  

The details are still unknown, but Amir Tsarfati provided timely commentary regarding what is going on in Syria, the crumbling relationship between Russia and Israel, as well as insight into the Israeli-Hamas ceasefire that was struck last week and created a firestorm in the Israeli Knesset.  A very informative update and worth the time.

Watch the IDF Strike Back Following 30 Hamas Rocket Attacks Overnight into Saturday

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Israel strikes back after Hamas rocket attack from Gaza

Overnight Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched at least 30 rockets into southern Israel.  In retaliation, the IAF struck 80 military targets inside Gaza, including Hamas’ headquarters.  Prior to the airstrike on HQ, Israel warned residents to evacuate the 4-story building.  Also hit were advanced weapons production facilities, five military compounds used by Hamas and other terrorist organizations, Hamas outposts and at least one terror tunnel opening.

This Jerusalem Post article contains raw footage of the IAF attack on Hamas HQ.

The IDF said that the Hamas terror organization “bears the responsibility to all that is taking place in the Gaza Strip” and that the IDF is “determined to carry out its mission to protect the citizens of Israel.”
~Jerusalem Post, 10/27/2018

According to the IDF, it is believed the Hamas attacks were directed by Iran and Syria.

As always, please pray for those in southern Israel and around the Gaza border.  While Hamas is not a threat to Israel’s existence, the barrage of rockets brings tremendous stress upon those living in areas impacted by such terror.  Thankfully, Israel’s Iron Dome takes out most incoming rockets, but, as you can imagine, the sound of sirens is tremendously stressful when you know you have only seconds to find shelter in the event the Iron Dome is unable to destroy enemy rockets.

Please pray for safety of citizens, wisdom as the IDF deals with the situation, the innocent citizens in Gaza who face retaliatory strikes, and for the Spirit of the Lord to stir in both Israel and Gaza.