How to Occupy by Praying

Hi friends, do you know it is okay to pray for God to utterly destroy that which is evil? Yes, David prayed that way, such as in Psalm 35, and so should we! Not as a common prayer, but as a prayer when evil reigns.

The World War II Memorial on the Capital Mall is a great backdrop to understanding that idea, and Pastor Jack explains. In addition, he paints the picture of freedom fighters who worked to defend and protect the United States of America. In addition, we learned the “Trinity of Freedom.” What three Biblical things should influence us when we vote?

Find out, as we join Pastor Jack from the WWII Memorial:

We are learning how to occupy till Jesus comes, and our country is where God has placed us. Our nation is worth fighting for, and our Christian heritage is worth taking back from the enemy! If you have missed the first four tour stops, check them out:

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