Liberals are Ramming Critical Race Theory into Elementary and Secondary Schools – Take Action!

Recently, we urged action locally (Phoenix area) to engage school districts who are pressing to get Critical Race Theory included in elementary and secondary curriculum. Now, it is time to take action on a national scale.

But first, what is Critical Race Theory and why is it a bad idea?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a movement by radical leftists to indoctrinate our nation’s citizens to the idea that America is systematically racist, and that “lived experience” (rather than absolute truth) should rightly govern actions. In that case, a person believed to be discriminated against has every right to discriminate against the discriminator! A child with a “lived experience” of violence at home might be justified in perpetuating violence at school, particularly against a “privileged” child, usually of different skin color.

Critical Race Theory is a bad for at least 4 reasons:

  1. It leads people to classify themselves and others as either “oppressor” or “victim.” Individuals are predetermined according to race, and culture is defined by groups exercising power over others.
  2. There is no absolute truth, only competing narratives. “Lived experiences” are more important than facts.
  3. It perpetuates the belief that America is systemically racist. It views American capitalism as racist, rather than opportunistic for those who apply themselves. Therefore, capitalism is “unfair” and must be disrupted.
  4. CRT is a leftist attempt to cover up their indoctrination tactics as “core education.” If allowed, teachers’ radical political views will indoctrinate kids to become discriminatory and racist…the very thing CRT is supposed to solve!


Taking two minutes to submit a comment to the US Department of Education will have an impact. The federal government is required to reply to all comments in the final document when writing the final regulation. Submitting comments will require the Biden Administration to go on record with their response. (Click the link above, then click the green box entitled “Submit a Formal Comment.”)

Please invest a couple minutes in the lives of American children! Simply copy the 4 reasons noted above, or create your own statement. The important thing is to send a clear message that CRT is dangerous, and provide the reasons why.

Also, get others involved! Use the buttons below to post to Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, or click the email icon to forward this post as an email. Let’s act on behalf of America’s children! (FYI, forwarding from this blog using the icons below DOES NOT put you on a mailing list.)

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