Are You Ready for Action?

Welcome back, Occupiers! Yes, Jesus told us to occupy till He returns, so we’re learning what that means and how to do it!

If you have followed for long, you know the heart of this blog is a love of Israel and Israel’s Messiah. We also understand that America, Israel and the church are inextricably linked. What impacts one, will impact all three. America is under attack today, the church is under attack today, and Israel has been under attack throughout history!

We focus on different aspects at different times. Current circumstances in Christendom cry out for action, particularly in America. When Jesus said to occupy till He comes, that applies to our involvement in the public square when our Christian values are at stake. A weak America and a weak church cannot stand with Israel. It is time we grow stronger!

One thing needs to be clear: this is not about politics, per se, but about standing up for our God-given freedoms that are under attack by politically-motivated activists. We cannot be deterred from stepping into the political arena if/when our liberties are on the line. Without those liberties, we have no freedom of worship or gathering, as Scripture commands! The left would like nothing better than to render Christians useless and enslaved. Not on our watch!

So, here we go! According to Ephesians 5:11, we are not to participate in the deeds of darkness, but rather to expose them. Thus, I’ve got an assignment for you!

Yesterday, I shared a video from the Freedom Square event in Phoenix. During that event there were at least 4 clear opportunities to take action:

  • During a discussion regarding Critical Race Theory (beginning at 1:08:50 of this video), we learned about Litchfield Elementary School District’s plan to cram that dangerous theory down the throats of youngsters, teaching them America is inherently racist and to “discriminate against the discriminators!” I encourage you to watch the entire segment (about 7 minutes) to gain a full understanding of the issue. Action items:
    • If you live in the Litchfield area, SHOW UP at the next school board meeting (May 11 @ 5pm) and civilly, but firmly, voice your disagreement with the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT)!
    • If you do not live in the Litchfield area and/or cannot attend, write or call the school district to voice your disapproval. Address and Contact information is found here.
  • The Arizona Department of Education has also issued an “equity toolkit” for all Arizona educators. (There is a HUGE difference between “equality” and “equity.” Charlie defines the difference beginning at the 1:16:15 mark.) This toolkit teaches kids to be racists, and suggests that as soon as a child is young enough to speak, they should be able to draw their own conclusions (after they have been taught they are racists!) That’s absurd! Action item:
    • Call or write the Arizona Department of Education to express your disapproval of racism and CRT being taught to children of all ages, particularly the very young. Contact info here.
  • Beginning at 1:21:00 in the video, Charlie outs the Arizona School Board Association. In their verbiage regarding an event they held in April: “This event serves as a touchstone for diversity, equity and inclusion enshrined in school policies statewide….Race should be focused on more intensely.” This event was to gather school boards from across the state to discuss how to implement things such as Critical Race Theory statewide! Action item:
    • Call or write ASBA to voice your disapproval of the perpetuation of racism. Contact info here.
    • Run for your local school board! Particularly if you have children in school, this is crucial. You should have a significant say in what your kids are being taught, and it shouldn’t come down to whether or not you sign a permission slip! Get involved!
  • During Q&A, a young man from Cactus Shadows HS in the Cave Creek School District asked what can be done if his school administrators are hindering his chapter of Turning Point USA from meeting. (See 2:16:00 mark in the video.) This one is simple!
    • If you live in that school district, show up in the office and ask to speak with the Principal or Assistant Principal. Let them know what they are doing is against the law, and civilly, but firmly, demand that the Turning Point USA chapter be given their legal right to meet. Remind them that concerned citizens are now watching to see what happens!
    • If you don’t live in that school district, your voice still counts! Contact them here and let them know citizens everywhere are concerned and are on watch!

You do not have to be “well versed” in Critical Race Theory to speak against it. Basically, it posits that America is inherently racist, that those who are discriminated against must discriminate against the discriminators. No need to argue any points, simply state that EVERY human being is a gift of God, and to teach children to discriminate against others is, in itself, racist and discriminatory. Stick to the simple points, as that is all that is necessary. Your voice matters…make it heard!

(If you live outside Arizona and do not know what the hot issues are in your school systems, contact Turning Point USA to find out what is most critical in your area. Or just take the offensive and contact your local school district to let them know you stand against all efforts to teach CRT in public schools.)

One final thing: we spend far too much time trying to change Washington, when pure evil is going on right under our noses and we do nothing about it. It is much easier to change the course of a small ship than a large one. Let’s focus on the ship we can steer: our school districts, cities and counties. Let’s start making a difference by taking the low hanging fruit!

This is a team sport and its time to get in the game! Together, let’s win this thing!!!

2 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Action?

  1. kathyswapp

    Hi Kym, I attended the Litchfield Park School Board meeting tonight! My first experience at this kind of meeting. A good friend who is a retired elem. school teacher was with me and she was very helpful (and in agreement with us) I was able to speak and attached are my comments. Got a lot of applause and good comments on it. The Board is denying trying to implement CRT which is why I said Ibram Kendi is not a good source of influence.

    On Sat, May 8, 2021 at 12:01 AM Looking for the Blessed Hope wrote:

    > LFTBH Administrator posted: ” Welcome back, Occupiers! Yes, Jesus told us > to occupy till He returns, so we’re learning what that means and how to do > it! If you have followed for long, you know the heart of this blog is a > love of Israel and Israel’s Messiah. We also understand th” >

    1. That is awesome, Kathy! It was on my “to do” list until I got caught up late at work. I am SO glad you were there and spoke up! Together, we are going to kick a dent in the evil being perpetuated in our schools. Thank you for being a warrior in this effort!

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