As Ramadan Comes to a Close, Rioters Clash with Israeli Police on Temple Mount

Islam, self-purportedly a “religion of peace,” just concluded Ramadan, their holy month of prayer and fasting. How did they celebrate? By clashing with Israeli police and inciting riots on Temple Mount, and by attacking Israeli soldiers in Samaria. All at the behest of leaders such as Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hussein Salami, who wish to honor Quds Day by showing support for the Palestinians and opposing Zionism. Not so ironically, Jerusalem Day in which Israelis celebrate the liberation of the city of Jerusalem following the 1967 Six Day War, will be celebrated beginning Sunday evening. What a clash of ideals!

You can read more about the activities on Temple Mount and see a short video of it here.

Meanwhile, two Palestinian terrorists met their death when they attempted to attack IDF soldiers near a military base in Samaria. Again, this was encouraged by the Iranian regime calling for terror and blood. The attackers were connected to Hamas, and thought to be planning an attack on a major Israeli city. (Find out more here.)

It is important to understand these are targeted “nationalist” attacks, aimed at Israeli forces in opposition to Israel’s existence. For the majority of Muslims celebrating the end of Ramadan, it is peaceful. But for radical terrorists, it is a time of incitement by the Iranian regime and other rogue leaders to stir up chaos, particularly in East Jerusalem. As always, the IDF and Israeli police “take care of business,” and return the Israeli capital city back to peace, despite Iranian leaders boasting of victory and spreading false reports of terrorist success.

But here is the most disgusting news: the Biden administration appears to be very close to unfreezing $1 billion in Iranian funds as a “goodwill gesture” in resuming nuclear talks with Iran. A US State Department official indicated there could be an agreement within weeks to resume direct talks with the Iranians.

This is unconscionable! Iran is not hiding the fact they are racing toward nuclear weapons, and have made it absolutely clear their targets are Israel and America. It is only a sick and demented administration that would consider entering such an agreement with a rogue nation who wishes to destroy them. Add to that, the likelihood of a much weaker Israeli administration, minus the hawkish Netanyahu, and we see a sure recipe for disaster.

But only through human eyes! Dear friends, the Bible tells us very specifically what we can expect in these last days! A day will come when Jesus will descend from heaven and call us (believers) to meet Him in the air! Our world may seem to be in a mess right now, but this is a picnic compared to the tribulation which will follow our departure! Now is time for us to lift our heads, for our redemption draws near! (Luke 21:28)

When all is falling apart from a human perspective, it is all falling into place from a heavenly one! The question is: Are you ready? Do you know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord? Will you be with us when Jesus comes to take us out of this world?

If you do not know Jesus personally as your Savior, now is the time!

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