Learning to Occupy: Lessons from Abraham Lincoln

I hope you are enjoying our tour! We are exploring our nation’s capital with the intent of learning how to carry out His instruction to Occupy Till I Come! America was built for the purpose of giving glory to God. Our founding was solid, but we have slid from that foundation.

It is the duty of nations, as well as of men, to own their dependence upon  the overruling power of God… Abraham Lincoln ppt download

Like many other monuments and buildings in Washington DC, the Lincoln Memorial is flush with Biblical references and inferences! Abraham Lincoln was a man of God, and his life not only reflected it, but the memorial to his honor does as well. We can’t get away from the Christian foundation of America!

In today’s video, you will find out about America’s true founding, including America’s birth certificate! The Pilgrims knew they must have a governing document before they hit the shores of America. In it was the commitment to dedicate the land to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This is a great video! Check it out:

If you have missed our first two days of the tour, find them here:

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