Israel Prepares to Launch Ground Invasion of Gaza

After rocket barrages of 100’s at a time from Gaza, Israel has defended herself by unleashing fierce air assault on Hamas targets. Now, the IDF is getting ready to launch a ground invasion into Gaza to rid it of terrorist operatives and their ability to launch rockets into Israel. IDF commanders have dubbed this Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Striking from the air is one thing, but moving in on the ground is something totally different. Israel has absolute air superiority in the Middle East and could literally flatten Gaza in a matter of minutes. However, that is not their goal. The air missions have been precision strikes on Iranian-backed Hamas military sites such as rocket launchers hidden in civilian buildings, weapon storage facilities in populated areas, and a 7-story building said to be Hamas headquarters in Gaza. They have sent warning to residents in the area to clear out prior to airstrikes from Israeli F-35’s and F-16’s.

Now that infrastructure has been severely decimated, Israel must send in armored tank units and commandos to ferret out known terrorists involved in firing off rockets as innocent Jewish neighborhoods. They know urban, asymmetrical warfare is extremely dangerous, but they have trained for it for years and will move in as bold as lions. Part of the effort will be going house-to-house flushing terrorist rats out of their holes.

Find out more in a breaking story (with pictures and video of rockets being intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome) from Joel Rosenberg, an American Jew, living in Israel:

I call on Christians everywhere to pray in unison with Joel Rosenberg:

Please pray – and mobilize others to pray – for restored calm and quiet to both sides of the border.
Pray, too, for the people of Gaza and the people of Israel to be liberated soon from this wicked and bloodthirsty terror force.

~Joel Rosenberg, in linked article above

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