Will Biden-Harris Skirt the Taylor Force Act and Send $$$ to the Palestinians to Pay Terrorists?

There is talk out of Washington DC that the Biden administration plans not only to re-open the Palestinians consulate in DC, but also to violate the Taylor Force Act, which prohibits US funds from going to the Palestinians as payment to terrorists who attack and/or kill Jews.

Palestinian leaders spend over $150 million per year on a “pay-to-slay” agenda. Funds come from other nations “aiding” the Palestinians, but then get shifted to compensate terrorists and their families. The Washington Free Beacon states: “[The] Biden-Harris Administration has made clear its intent to restart assistance to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.”

See the full article: Palestinians Funneled Hundreds of Millions to Terrorists, State Department Reveals

Furthermore, the Jerusalem Post reports that US Department of State spokesman, Ned Price, stated: “It is a historical fact that Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights after the 1967 War,” thus attempting to re-open discussion regarding Israeli sovereignty over land that is legally theirs. That article is here

Perhaps even more astounding is the way Joe Biden is throwing American ally, Saudi Arabia, under the bus. A long-time ally, though not without tension at times, Saudi Arabia actually serves as a buffer of sorts between Israel and Iran. Iran and Saudi Arabia are mortal enemies, and though Saudi Arabia has historically not been allied with Israel, the dual threat from Iran has pushed Israel and Saudi Arabia to become allies. However, Biden is now removing key military defense equipment out of Saudi Arabia, leaving them vulnerable in their defense against Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen who have ramped up attacks on Saudi Arabia since Biden took office. Read more in Biden Administration Removes Air Defense Systems from Saudi Kingdom.

These are yet further disgusting attempts by this administration to totally unwind every aspect of Donald Trump’s foreign policy, particularly in regard to Israel, and this does not bode well for America. God will hold true to His promises in Genesis 12:3.

Friends, if you are not praying for America’s leaders each day, I encourage you to do so. Complaining won’t change anything, but prayer stirs the heart of God. Without a mighty move of God, our nation will continue to slide further and further off our Judeo-Christian foundation. It is up to us as followers of Jesus Christ to stand strong and fight the good fight for our country.

Will you be a Christian soldier?

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