But Wait…There’s More! What Happened After the Resurrection!

Friends, I couldn’t wait for today! All week I’ve been wanting to share this with you, but I wanted you to have time to meditate upon and enjoy Resurrection Day. However, if you are like most, it has already begun to fade from memory as “just another religious day” come and gone. But it is so much more!

First, every day we draw breath is a celebration of life that God has given us. It is a “resurrection day” each morning we wake up. Furthermore, in the Christian world our calendar week begins on Sunday, a day which is set aside to worship the risen Savior. True, Resurrection is meant to be celebrated throughout the year, not just on one specific day.

But I have something even more astounding for you! Unless we see through Jewish glasses, we’ll miss it, so let’s put them on together and dive into a fantastic teaching! You are going to be SO blessed!

Rather than give you an intro, I want to lead you right into this exciting teaching, and I pray you will never see Passover, Resurrection Day, and the days that follow, in quite the same way. These are incredibly exciting days of the year, and we are living them right now! Do you have your glasses on? Ok, let’s go! (Just click the link below.)

Meditate on it this week…and the week to come…and the week to come…!

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