The Story of the Kibbutz

Hi friends! One of the things I love to do when I take groups to Israel is provide opportunities to engage the people and the culture of Israel. Never have I seen such a diverse place in terms of nationalities, belief systems, lifestyles and more.

There are ultra-modern places such as Tel Aviv and Haifa which would remind you of a cosmopolitan American or European city. Jerusalem is a mix of ancient and new. The Galilee area is laid back and very bountiful. You find Arabs, Druze, Palestinians, Bedouins and more. Likewise, there are Jews from Russia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and various other places. Practicing Orthodox Jews are much different than contemporary secular Jews. Some live in cities, some live in the countryside, some live on kibbutzim.

Today, let’s push back the curtain on one of the staples of early Israeli life: kibbutzim. “Kibbutzim” the plural of “kibbutz,” a communal way of life, very popular…in fact, necessary…when the Jewish people began returning to their homeland.

To lay the foundation, consider this: Jews had been dispersted around the globe since 70 AD when the Romans conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple. Their entire way of worship and life were dramatically changed and they found themselves alone in bunches in foreign lands.

Fast forward to the late 1800’s when Jews first began to trickle back into Israel. What they found was a harsh, dry wasteland. Nothing grew there, and it was virtually abandoned. But God was about to fulfill promises made in Ezekiel 36-37! He promised to prepare the land, bring back His people, and eventually make the land prosperous.

Upon return, Jewish families found that the only way to survive was to work together in a way we would see as very socialist today. Take a look at the video and consider what you and your family would have done if you were Jewish and returning to Israel in the mid-1900’s.

Fascinating…and educational! And….you get a peek behind the curtain of one element of Israeli culture! Enjoy!

There are still functioning kibbutzim in Israel today, and we will visit at least 2 or 3 on our tour in February. We filled up, but were given some additional seats. Why not join us on a trip of a lifetime! Check out our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page for more information.

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