Promised Land Stories: The Geographic Location of Zion

I’m really excited about today’s Promised Land Story because it refers to one of my favorite places in Israel: The City of David. Excavations at the City of David have unearthed some of the most significant findings relative to the time of King David and ancient Jerusalem.

When we think of Jerusalem, we almost always think of the Old City walls that enclose the historical city of Jerusalem. It was indeed the city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, but ancient Jerusalem was actually situated south of Temple Mount and included King David’s palace and a walled city. Today, it is possible to see some of the rebuilt walls of Nehemiah’s day after the Babylonian exile. Thus, it becomes obvious that the Old City we now recognize as Jerusalem was built later.

In today’s first of a 3-part Promised Land Story, Hermana explains the geographical location of Zion. Pay close attention to the scriptural references in the video. Also, tune in next Sunday for part 2 of the series!

BTW – our tour group will see the very site portrayed in this video! We’ve been allow 4 more seats on the tour, so if you are interested, check out the details on the 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page. I would love to take you there!

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