Israelis Need Jesus…and Many are Finding Him!

Often, what the enemy means for evil, God uses for good!

Recently, Israel was locked down for the second time following an aggressive outbreak of COVID, particularly among the ultra Orthodox. There is no doubt Israel has been hit hard by the coronavirus. However, I wonder if this is an example of something the enemy meant for evil, God turns it to good!

You see, Israelis have more computers, phones and devices per capita than any nation in the world. So, when they go on lockdown, what do they do? They turn to those devices…and guess what millions of them are seeing!

Testimonies and teachings about Yeshua HaMashiach…Jesus the Messiah! God has uniquely placed One for Israel on the cutting edge of evangelism to the Jewish people (as well as Arabs and other Israelis), and they are reaching their countrymen in astounding numbers during the C-19 crisis!

Take a look at what’s happening there.

For those who don’t already know, our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS are run through One for Israel. I came to know them years ago and began keeping an eye on their teaching, skeptical of it being another “off the wall” ministry teaching who knows what! What I found, though, is strong, Bible-based teaching, and a college ciriculum (Israel College of the Bible) staffed with scholars able to hold their own with anyone!

Having taken some classes online, I followed the ministry as it grew, and began understanding the ministry outreach of OFI. I decided I needed to know them better, so I began working with them to coordinate study tours! They agreed to allow me to customize a tour (integrating lots of engagement with people and Christian leaders around Israel), and a brief time is spent at Israel College of the Bible, seeing the facilities and getting a sense of the work they do.

They are a sound ministry and well worth supporting. As their motto says, “The best way to bless Israel is with Yeshua!” They are doing just that! Support them! And if you are interested in getting up close and personal, join us on an EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR!

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