Israeli Knesset Ratifies the Abraham Accords

Israel–United Arab Emirates normalization agreement - Wikipedia
September 15 signing ceremony of the Israel-UAE peace deal

It was an historic day in the Israeli Knesset yesterday! By a vote of 80-13, the peace treaty with the UAE, known as the Abraham Accords, was ratified. The peace deal is official, and has already shown itself to be fruitful as cooperative efforts are well underway.

“Since the beginning of Zionism, one of our hands has been holding a weapon in defense and the other hand was stretched out to everyone who wants peace. They say peace is made with enemies. False. Peace is made with those who have stopped being enemies. Peace is made with those who desire peace and who no longer remain committed to your annihilation.”

~Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, All Israel News (accessed 10/15/2020)

Moderate Sunni Arabs are recognizing the wisdom in partnering with Israel, and all parties will benefit.

Read more about the ratification that happened yesterday in the Knesset:

Israeli Knesset Ratifies Historic Abraham Accords Peace Treaty with the United Arab Emirates

Pray for the ratification of the peace treaty with Bahrain, and that other Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, Oman and others will follow in the footsteps of the UAE.

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