Messianic Jews and the Church

Welcome back, friends! We're finishing up a 4-part series looking at the history of Messianic Jews and the sordid relationship with Christians. If you missed the first three parts, check out: What Does it Mean to be Jewish? If the First Christians were Jews, What Happened?After the Jewish Split Came the Christian Split Our goal …

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After the Jewish Split Came the Christian Split

Welcome back to our study together! This is the third in a series of posts regarding the history of Jewish-Christian relationships and the difficulties of being a Messianic Jew (follower of Jesus) in Israel today. It springs from our month-long prayer emphasis for salvation of the Jews and One for Israel's mission to evangelize Jews …

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What Does it Mean to be Jewish?

As we spend time this month praying for Israel, it seems appropriate to touch on the Jewish resistance of the Messiah. So, let's lay the groundwork by answering our title question. There is great misunderstanding about "Jewishness"...seemingly even among those who are Jewish. I once asked a Jewish friend, "What does being Jewish mean?" and …

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What the Messiah was Willing to Do

To be Messiah, what must one be willing to do? Indeed, only One ever lived as Messiah....and He still lives today! Do you know Him?