Promised Land Stories: Golan – Good Neighbors

Welcome back friends! If you followed last Sunday’s Promised Land Story about the Golan Heights, we’ll pick it up from there. If you didn’t see the short video posted last week, perhap you want to view it before moving on to today’s jam-packed agenda!

Last week, I also gave you a teaser about this week’s video…that it holds a special sentiment to me. I’ll tell you more about that AFTER the video, but meanwhile, enjoy Herman’s commentary about Good Neighbors.

There is so much fascination to the Golan Heights! It is a place where people groups come together. Ravished by war in the past, it seems to be a place of mercy and grace now.

Hermana talked about the Syrian shepherd who approached the Israeli military lookout, needing help, and eventually getting it from Frontier Alliance International. FAI is a ministry that reaches desperate needs of those in the Middle East and I have a special connection to this particular project.

In brief, FAI sent trained medical personnel into the war zones in Syria to treat war wounded Syrian men, women and children. I happen to know an ER nurse who went with a medical team into the heart of the Syrian civil war. They were smuggled in overnight on horseback, over terrain none of us would care to traverse. All to show the love of Jesus!

It was absolutely fascinating to follow that mission and to have Deb Denison come to Phoenix to share about her experience in Syria. Read more about it here, here and here.

Finally, in today’s video, Hermana introduced us to the Druze people. They are, indeed, a friendly, hospitible people with tasty treats to share! Those of you who toured with me in November 2019 undoubtedly recognized the tortilla-looking flatbread that was placed on the rounded grill! It was an unforgetable tour stop!

Similar imprompu experiences await us on the 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR in February 2021! Check it out and go with us! But hurry…we filled the seats once, then squeezed out 4-6 more spots. Those spots will soon be gone.

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