Special Event: To Syria with Love!

You have seen the news.  Syria is rife with war and filled with various rogue terrorist groups destroying anyone and everything in their path.

Now, imagine being a medical professional called by God to be smuggled into the depths of Syria’s civil war (over 4 hours on horseback!) to share the love of Jesus.  That was Debbie Denison’s call!

Debbie, a trauma nurse, was part of a Christian medical team escorted across the Israeli-Syrian border by the Israel Defense Forces to deliver medical supplies provided by Jews and to treat Muslim war-wounded men, women and children deep inside Syria’s borders!  Jews helping Christians helping Muslims, as part of the IDF’s “Operation Good Neighbor.”

It is a true story of intrigue, challenge, and pure Godly love for those viewed as enemies.  CBN posted this brief report, but you will hear Debbie share incredible behind-the-scenes details first-hand!

You are invited to hear the amazing story!

When:  Saturday, September 28, 2019
Time:  2:00 – 3:30 pm
Where: Jesus Church (2929 W Greenway Rd, Phoenix 85053)
Building B, 1st Floor, east entrance
(Access parking lot from Flemenco Drive)

Gather your family and friends and enjoy this unique opportunity to hear testimony of God’s amazing love poured out by Jews and Christians to Muslims in a desperate place.  There is no cost, and this is not a fund-raising event.  Space is plentiful, but if you are able to RSVP by Thursday, 9/26/2019 it will help us prepare.  Please respond in comments (below) with the number of people in your group, or just show up at the event. (Your RSVP comments will not be posted…only I will see them.)

Feel free to share this post with others who may be interested. I look forward to seeing you there!

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