Sharing the Love of Christ in Syria

Friends, today I’m sharing one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever shared.  In early-September I had the privilege of spending time with the staff at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.  While there, I learned that Debbie Denison, a trauma nurse and wife of an ICEJ executive, was part of a medical team the IDF was secretly moving deep into Syria for a medical mission.  (Part of the IDF’s Operation Good Neighbor initiative.)

Together with Dr Sally Parsons (a trauma surgeon), Denison served with Frontier Alliance International on a 7-week stint in war-torn Syria, saving lives and birthing others.  Undoubtedly, some patients were citizens caught in the midst of war.  But I wonder…were other patients ISIS operatives or terrorists of a different stripe?  Regardless, the love of Jesus was shared with all as these faithful servants threw caution to the wind to serve where the Lord called them.

I was in Jerusalem when the team was escorted to the Syrian border (and beyond) by the IDF, and I joined in prayer, even after I returned to the US.  Then, I rejoiced when Sally and Deb returned safely, and I waited patiently for their story to be told.  And now it is…at least a tiny piece of it!  Check out this video, then re-post or forward to others.  It is a fantastic testimony of how the Lord is working in the midst of a horrendous war, and is a story well worth sharing!

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