A Unique Experience in Israel: Issa and Sushi

Hi friends! Among the many traditional sites to be seen in Israel, there are many other unique sites and experiences to be had! As you might expect, camels are a common site in Israel, and riding one against the backdrop of the Judean Wilderness is especially interesting when you meet Issa and his camel, Sushi!

There is a point along the highway between Jericho and Jerusalem at which you cross over from below sea level to above sea level. That point has a monument off the side of the road, and it is there you meet Issa and Sushi! Recently, CBN’s Chris Mitchell dropped in to visit. Take a look (pick it up at the 2:30 mark):

Issa is Bedouin, a nomadic Arab tribe still living in much the same way they have for centuries. They are sheepherders who dwell primarily in the Judean Wilderness, in tents. As you clearly see and hear in the video, they are friendly people who live much different lives than what we typically see in America. But often, such dear, hospitable people!

This is part of the Israel experience. Going to Israel and seeing the sites is definitely a blessing. However, engaging the people and the culture sends an Israel tour into orbit…so far beyond what we think or imagine!

That is why we call ours the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR! We purposefully take advantage of opportunities to meet Jews, Arabs, Palestinians, Druze, Bedouins and others Israeli inhabitants when we visit. It’s why we intentionally schedule time with IDF soldiers, Holocaust survivors and Arab and Palestinian pastors.

The cultural experience enhances the Biblical experience and we begin to understand that Jesus came to this earth to live, die and rise again for ALL mankind! Those people groups are not our enemies, but our friends, and to know them is to get a small taste of the diversity of heaven!

I invite you to come to Israel with us! In fact, I yearn for others to have the experience we have when we go. We don’t go just to say we’ve been there. We go to engage the people and the culture, and to come home much differently than when we arrived. Our Bibles come to life, and our lives are forever changed. I have also heard pastors say it is worth a year in seminary!

What is the value of that? A whole lot more than the $3,600 price tag. We have cut out the middle man and all the fluff in order to offer a top quality tour at an affordable cost for all. We limit our tours to 30 people and there are still a few seats left. Why not join us on the trip of a lifetime? Click the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL 2021 link here or at the top of this page for information about the tour. You won’t regret it!

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