Hints Already Surface: Despite Sudan’s Rejection, Normalization with Israel will Eventually Occur

In the Middle East, news turns on a dime! Just yesterday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled from Israel to Sudan to discuss normalization of relations between the two. Within only a short time of Pompeo’s arrival, Sudan’s administration clearly stated they will not normalize relations with Israel.

But this morning, we discussed just how solid that refusal to discuss relations with Israel truly is. (See Sec State Mike Pompeo On Board First Official Direct Flight from Israel to Sudan…Will There be Peace?)

Fast forward to mid-day and there were already hints that Sudan may eventually work toward peace with Israel. Israel’s i24 is confidently reporting that Sudan will, indeed, seek normalization at some time. In addition, Israel’s Mossad chief is said to be meeting with Sudanese officials, with UAE officials mediating.

In the Middle East, one just never knows what the next hour’s news will be! Stay tuned. We will see additional peace deals. Will Sudan be among them? Only time will tell. But praise God for men like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who strives to be a peacemaker. Pray for the Lord’s favor as he continues to urge Sudan, Oman, Bahrain, Saudia Arabia and others to engage peacefully with Israel.

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