Sec State Mike Pompeo On Board First Official Direct Flight from Israel to Sudan…Will There be Peace?

US Top Diplomat Pompeo Visiting Sudan | Voice of America - English
Mike Pompeo arrives in Sudan

News broke yesterday that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was aboard the first-ever direct flight from Israel to Sudan. (Read about it here.)

So, what’s the significance of this event?

To adequately answer and understand that question, perhaps we should lay some groundwork. Last week’s big news was the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) agreement to normalization of relations with Israel. UAE is a moderate Sunni Muslim nation, and only the third Arab nation to agree to peace with Israel. (Egypt and Jordan are the other two.)

That was huge news because it opens the doors of diplomacy with other Arab countries who are beginning to see that partnering with Israel may not be such a bad thing after all! What draws Arabs into such a conversation? Two things: 1. Iran is their enemy and they need the security that Israel and America can bring, and 2. They are becoming more and more fed up with the Palestinians holding them hostage in hopes of creating a terrorist-controlled Palestinian state within the borders of Israel.

Several Arab nations are of the same mindset, so are open to relations with Israel, particularly since they are quickly rising to dominance in that part of the world.

Enter several nations waiting silently to make a similar move! It is believed other Muslim nations (in the Middle East and North Africa) are falling in line to join the coalition. Those potential nations include Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and…yes, Sudan!

Now, before we get too excited, Pompeo was not on the ground in Sudan 12 hours before the Sudanese government stated they cannot normalize ties with Israel right now. Morocco has said the same. There will not be a pre-election avalanche of peace treaties, but make no mistake, there is much happening behind closed doors. Keep in mind, also, Arab Muslim nations are very shy to outwardly state their desires to partner with Israel, fearful of how other Arab nations, and the Palestinian Authority, will respond.

Secretary of State Pompeo has proven to be a power broker in the Middle East because of his level headed demeanor, while fiercely standing on Christian principles. Will peace happen with Sudan? We don’t know. But we do know a huge barrier was broken when that airliner left Tel Aviv direct for Khartoum. That is historic, and may lay the groundwork for good things to come.

One final thing…those who follow are probably asking, “But isn’t Sudan among those named in Ezekiel 38 of the coalition that will invade Israel?” The answer is: yes! Which makes this all the more interesting. It seems any number of things could occur:

  • Peace with Israel could “buy some time,” pushing the Ezekiel 38 prophecy further into the future.
  • Sudan is a divided nation. South Sudan may be open to peace with Israel, while North Sudan may not be.
  • Turkey, who is currently meddling in Libya and on the Egyptian borders, may meddle and “exercise power” to prevent Sudan from moving forward with peace plans.
  • Other moderate nations may persuade Sudan to give peace a chance!

Who knows! Keep your eyes and ears open…this could be an interesting development.

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