A Sunday “Feel Good” Story: Arizona Continues to Embrace Israel

Led by a governor who strongly supports and seeks out opportunities with Israel, Arizona (my home state) is a beacon of friendship to the Jewish state.

When I first heard the story of Arizona’s collaboration with Israel back in May, I posted this on Facebook:

This past week, a friend shared the latest news with me regarding the advancement of cooperation between Arizona and Israel, and it is exciting indeed! Check out this article from The Jerusalem Post:

Wow…Arizona is making headlines in Israel! I am so proud of Governor Doug Ducey for not only standing with Israel, but partnering with them! I have no proof, but I’m quite sure he must understand God’s promise in Genesis 12:3! No better place to be than in the middle of God’s blessing!

Friends, another way to bless Israel and be blessed in return is to go there! We’re doing just that in February 2021 and I would love to share the blessing with you! If you think it’s dangerous, think again! (Very safe, and the greatest peaceful feeling I’ve ever felt anywhere.) Or, perhaps you think it’s expensive. Not so! I’ve cut out the middle man and the fluff to make it a quality tour at about 75% of the cost of comparable tours…and our tour is a day longer than most! $3,600 for a 13-day trip of a lifetime! (That cost is from Phoenix, but we can make arrangements for you to meet us from anywhere in the world!)

Check out details by clicking the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR 2021 link above! There is a seat with your name on it!

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