Water for a Thirsty Land

The Middle East is a hot, dry, arid climate...except Israel! True, Israel has some barren deserts and its share of dry land. However, God has made water a special gift to Israelis. It's fascinating! Israelis not only convert sea water into drinking water, but they also work diligently to keep water abundant. Check out how …

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Another Brilliant Israeli Innovation: Medical Help in Less than 3 Minutes!

Leave it to Israelis to come up with a better, faster way! In Israel you would see "ambucycles" all over the place, prepared and ready to respond to calls for help within 3 minutes. How do they do it? Check this out and you will see! https://youtu.be/d0LQCXCiW8g

Israeli Innovation: Vertical Farms

Something new is coming to grocery stores in Israel, one of the most innovative nations on earth! Imagine going to the grocery store and purchasing fresh vegetables, picked only a few minutes earlier! Israelis have come up with an ingenious way to farm right on the premises of grocery stores! Check out Rami Levy to …

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Innovation Nation: At-Home Ultrasound Device

Israeli start-up company, PulseNmore has developed an at-home ultrasound device, using a smart phone, that will enable pregnant women to conduct the ultrasound while connected virtually to their physicians. It is being offered by the largest Israeli health insurance entity, Clalit Health Services. Though not designed to eliminate all regular visits to their physicians, the …

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