Helping the World Grow More with Less

Do you have a drip system in your yard?  I live in the desert, and I know of very few people and places around Phoenix AZ that do not have a drip system.  Most of what grows here is watered by the drip…drip…drip of a system that provides only small drops of water over a period of time to help plants exposed to extreme sunlight and temperatures survive.

Well, the terrain and climate I’m used to is similar to parts of Israel, where the drip irrigation system was invented.  You see, after being exiled to the four corners of the earth following Roman conquest in 70 AD, Jews began returning to their land in significant numbers in the 1800’s.  What did they find when they returned?  Barrenness, sand dunes and hardened desert.  No one wanted this strip of useless, good-for-nothing land, yet it was the land God had given to Abraham and his descendents.

The Jewish people worked hard to make something of their homeland, and in the mid-1960’s a man noticed that a particular tree was growing much better than those around it.  When he examined the tree closer, he noticed that a broken pipe was emitting single drops of water that were providing the moisture needed to make this particular tree thrive while those around it did not.  Using his Jewish intuition, the man soon founded Netafim, and introduced drip irrigation to the world!

Since then, Netafim has been the industry standard in drip irrigation, and has taken their product around the globe, helping the world grow more with less.  Here are a few interesting facts:


Netafim is also a key player in making Israeli deserts bloom!  (Fast forward to the 7:00 mark in that video.)

So, next time you notice your drip system, thank God for Israeli innovation!  Oh…and BTW, just a few days ago Netafim was sold for $1.5 billion, but will remain in Israel for the next 20 years, providing jobs for Israelis!  Now that’s a bargain!

To Whom do Palestinian Leaders Turn if They have Health Issues? Israel…of Course!

Hi friends!  If you know anything about Israeli technology, you know they have produced some of the world’s most astounding medical breakthroughs!  Just this morning I shared about a new focused ultrasound platform that uses MRI guidance.  Israelis have also produced other advanced medical equipment such as AlphaOmega (which also helps treat Parkinson’s), SoftWheel (restoring mobility to those in need), and MobileODT.

So, it only stands to reason that, if you are a Palestinian in need of a lung transplant, you turn to……Israel?

Yes, you read that correctly!  In fact, this is not “just any ‘ol Palestinian” in need of a lung transplant.  This is none other than Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority’s lead negotiator and secretary-general of the PLO!  Indeed, Erekat is reportedly suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and is on the lung transplant list of both Israel and the US.

It seems that, after a career given to tough negotiations against the Jewish state, he now turns to them for a potentially life-saving transplant!  (Read more here.)

It never ceases to amaze me that year-after-year Israel is chastised by enemies all around (and by the UN), yet the world…even her enemies…come running to Israel when a medical miracle is needed.  Even more amazing is the fact that Israeli hospitals treat every single patient the same, whether friend or foe.

What incredible respect for life.  Israelis are not perfect.  (Far from it!)  But we could all learn a thing or two from them about the value of life.  How many of us would warmly welcome and treat one of our most bitter enemies in need of life?  In fact, how many of us who carry within us the LIFE OF CHRIST warmly share it with our friends…much less our enemies.

Something to think about…

Israel: Innovation Nation – Non-Invasive, Focused Ultrasound Guided by MRI

Imagine having tremors brought about by Parkinson’s or other debilitating conditions cured in a matter of minutes, with no invasive surgery or medication.

That was Kobi Vortman’s vision that led to the development of INSIGHTEC’s focused ultrasound platform guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).  According to INSIGHTEC’s website: Focused ultrasound waves, guided by magnetic resonance imaging are used to safely ablate targeted tissue, ensuring a high rate of effectiveness with minimal side effects.  Check out this video of one success story:


Once again, Israeli medical technology rises to the top, bringing hope to those with Parkinson’s and other tremor-inducing conditions.  Find out more about the Israeli company, INSIGHTEC, hear the founder share his vision, or watch how it works.

PS:  Check back later today for a rather interesting, somewhat related story!

Intel Purchases Israeli Mobileye for $15.3 Billion

In the largest acquisition ever of an Israeli high-tech company, Intel just announced the purchase of Mobileye for over $15 billion.  Accounting for over 70% of the advanced driver assistance/anti-collision systems in the world, Mobileye’s mission is to reduce motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

According to Mobileye’s website:

Mobileye has invested over 15 years in R&D to gain an unparalleled know­how. The company is the global leader in the development of monocular vision­-based advanced collision avoidance systems, providing system­-on­-chip and computer­-vision algorithms to run Driver Assistance Systems (DAS) customer functions such as Lane Departure Warning, Vehicle Detection for radar-­vision fusion, Forward Collision Warning, Headway Monitoring, Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent High Beam Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, vision­-only Adaptive Cruise Control, and more.

Not only is it a boon in Israeli technology, but it is expected by some experts to take US chip-making giant, Intel, into new markets beyond their semiconductor flagship.  According to Reuters:

The stakes are enormous. Last year, Goldman Sachs projected the market for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles would grow from about $3 billion in 2015 to $96 billion in 2025 and $290 billion in 2035.

This is just one more obstacle for those intent on developing the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divest, Sanction), in attempts to cripple Israel’s economy.  Short of discarding many of the electronic gadgets we own, it is virtually impossible to boycott Israeli products!  Praise God for giving the Jewish people such incredible creativity and innovation!  They have given the world many products and equipment in the fields of agriculture, medicine, military,  technology and much more.  Indeed, they are an innovation nation!

Hey gang, on a separate note, I hope you’ll follow along later this week when I post some material from my latest Bible study.  We’ll examine 4 Biblical principles regarding Israel, and, as an extension, God’s dealings with Israel and the nations.  So, pull up a chair and join us as we study!  You will be blessed!