IDF Successfully Tests Game-Changing Laser Weapon

What happens when your country is constantly under attack or threat of attack? You develop the most high-tech and sophisticated weapons on earth. Israeli ingenuity is at it's best when the nation is put under pressure. A new technological breakthrough was demonstrated in a series of tests in which laser beams successfully intercepted a variety …

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Innovation Nation: Extracting Water from Thin Air

Watergen, an Israeli start-up, has been producing water from air for over a decade, and now the entire world is being blessed by clean drinking water, regardless of climate and energy sources. Some believe that at least 50% of the world's population will live in areas without sources of clean, safe drinking water within the …

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Water for a Thirsty Land

The Middle East is a hot, dry, arid climate...except Israel! True, Israel has some barren deserts and its share of dry land. However, God has made water a special gift to Israelis. It's fascinating! Israelis not only convert sea water into drinking water, but they also work diligently to keep water abundant. Check out how …

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Another Brilliant Israeli Innovation: Medical Help in Less than 3 Minutes!

Leave it to Israelis to come up with a better, faster way! In Israel you would see "ambucycles" all over the place, prepared and ready to respond to calls for help within 3 minutes. How do they do it? Check this out and you will see!