Am I the Enemy?

Tomorrow is our first actual day of touring in Israel, and what an exciting day it will be!

The Middle East is a very complicated place and, at times, it is difficult to even determine who the enemy is! For example, based on all we hear about the West Bank and Gaza Strip, are all Palestinians enemies?

One of our first stops will be in the West Bank, were we will visit a factory where Jews and Palestinians work happily side-by-side. While we hear of rocket launches from Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip, and occasional other attacks by Palestinians, it is not so common to hear about relations between the two that are actually very amiable. Such is the case in much of the West Bank.

In 2017, I had the blessed privilege of seeing this first hand for myself. (See Into the West Bank and Jews and Arabs Side-by-Side) It was an incredible sight, and I thought, “Why doesn’t someone bring tour groups here to witness this, and to actually meet some Palestinians?” Thus, I have included it in our tour! Likewise, in the days ahead, we will meet with Arab and Palestinian pastors who love Jesus and are leading their small congregations to do likewise!

God is at work here, and it is important that we understand “enemies” are not always “enemies!”

On a slightly different note, I recently heard the story of a Palestinian man who found out he is really Jewish! Wow…what do you do with that!?! As indicated, things are often very complicated in the Middle East, and this is just one example! Enjoy his story:

PS: Israel is several hours ahead of US time zones (7 hours ahead of US east coast, 9 hours ahead of Phoenix, 10 hours ahead of US west coast), so timing may seem a bit strange!

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