Welcome to Israel!

The El Al 787 Dreamliner that took us to Israel!
An excited group of Israel lovers!

We made it!  A tad lacking in sleep, but excited and ready for the adventure!  Both groups arrived safely and we have met our guide, Aly.  She will be the verbal window through which we experience the sights and sounds of Israel! 

When traveling internationally through many time zones, jetlag takes its toll.  Upon arrival, and following a brief program illustrating the wilderness tabernacle and Moses’ leading the people to the Promised Land, we headed to bed, anticipating our first official tour day.  As normal, many of us woke up in the middle of the night, but generally, we got some rest and are anxious to head out this morning (Friday).  Because shabbat begins at sundown, our tour day is crafted to get most everything in before then.

On the agenda:

  • A trip to Shiloh to see where the original tabernacle stood and where Hannah prayed for a son.
  • Mt Gerizim and the Samaritan Museum.
  • The archaeological site of the Samaritan temple.
  • A late afternoon stroll through the Biblical gardens on-site at our hotel.

We are currently in Samaria, also known as the West Bank.  Again, the media typically leads us to believe the “bad guys” live in the West Bank (because it is typically the “bad stuff” that makes the news).  In reality, Jews and Palestinians live peacefully together for the most part, and we will see evidence of that today!  Of course there are places in the West Bank to avoid, but remembering this land is actually the Biblical Samaria helps us realize that a huge part of Bible history happened here, and Jews still inhabit this area!

BTW – if you are wondering, it is an absolute gorgeous and totally peaceful day in Israel today! Temperatures will be near 80 and no reports of rockets. We are safe and sound…and loving the incredible sense of being in the Land!

Continue to follow and, as time allows, I will continue to post updates! Also, if you are unaware, study guides for our tour are posted on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL Study Guides page.  Enjoy!

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