Samaria or West Bank?

As a Bible reader, you have undoubtedly read about Samaria. You know the account of the Samaritan woman at the well, the good Samaritan, and Shiloh (where the tabernacle once stood). Today, the world knows the area as part of the West Bank.

Often, when someone mentions the West Bank, immediate connotations are of terrorism, Palestinians, the PLO and Hamas. While those entities are indeed present, there is so much more to know and understand about that area and the relationship between Jews and Palestinians. (See yesterday’s post, Am I the Enemy, for a great example.)

There are those who deny Israel’s ancient ties to the land of Israel. Shiloh, which we will visit today, is one of those places. Those who choose to be an enemy of Christ will go to any lengths to deny the obvious. Today, archaeology is making it especially difficult to deny Jewish ties to the land of Israel. We will see newly-discovered artifacts that confirm what God’s Word says. Namely, there was a city named Shiloh, and God chose to allow the Jewish people to erect the tabernacle there. We will see a life-sized replica of the tabernacle, and will here its story at a special presentation tonight!

As time allows, I will provide actual updates and information about the sites we see and the things we do. Check back regularly and journey along with us!

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