Jews and Arabs Side-by-Side…Despite BDS!

Hi friends!  We’re in the middle of exploring the Biblical land of Samaria, talked about consistently in the Bible.  Yesterday I gave you a brief overview of the demographics and today I want to tell you about Jews and Arabs working together side-by-side in Samaria.

Image result for bdsBut first, a bit about BDS…boycott, divest, sanction.  Many nations around the world, spearheaded by Europe, have signed on to the BDS movement, in attempts to financially destroy Israel.  Yet, it doesn’t make sense!  Why?

  • There are as many Arabs as Jews working in the West Bank.
  • If West Bank-produced products are boycotted, factory workers…including Palestinians…lose their jobs.
  • When Palestinians go back to their homes without work, terrorism increases.
  • The Palestinian Authority pays significant amounts of money to anyone willing to kill a Jew.  Thus, crime pays if you are a Palestinian!
Israel & Moshe

Now, to the rest of the story, as told to us by Moshe.  After the War of Independence, a young lad named Israel came to the land with his family.  They worked long, hard days and Israel helped in the field rather than go to school, as making a life for a family was very difficult.  Despite only an elementary education and no understanding of how to use a computer, Israel holds over 120 patents worldwide!  He sketches his ideas out with pencil and paper and others use CAD technology to move his ideas into production.

Israel also knows that the “undesirables” in society often just need a little help to get over the hump.  Thus, he started a factory in Samaria and began hiring Jews and Arabs to work side-by-side with one another.  All his workers get the same benefits and all are paid well for their position.  When a family (Jew or Arab)

Twitoplast in Petah Tikvah

faces a crisis, the company (Twitoplast) steps in to help.  The company’s plant manager and lead chemist are both Palestinian, and both were put through specialized schooling to prepare them for their jobs.

As we walked through the factory, everyone had on the same “work uniform”…a turquois company t-shirt and work pants.  We could tell absolutely no 2017-0907 Twitoplast Chemist.jpgdifference between Jews and Palestinians.  According to Moshe, wages are high. But he told us that an Israeli’s take home pay feeds the mouths and cares for the needs of his immediate family, while the Palestinian’s same take home pay feeds the mouths and cares for the needs of his extended family…parents, brothers, sisters and anyone else in the household.  Thus, the goodness of the factory owner reaches an average of 10 Palestinian family members.

When Israel was asked why he does what he does, his response was because he loves people…all people!  Tikkun olam!

2017-0907 Baby DeviceBTW – in Phoenix we see too many children forgotten in hot cars.  The same must be true in Israel as well.  One of Israel’s latest patents is for a small, simple device that hooks to the strap of a child’s car seat.  Once the child is strapped in, the parent (or caregiver) puts the device (with a paperclip-like flap) on his or her clothing.  On the plastic device are the words “איפה הילד?” (Where’s the child?)  Thus, if someone sees the person with that device on his/her clothing and no child present, they ask the question!  Simple, but effective, and they provide them free of charge to anyone purchasing a car seat or leaving a hospital with a newborn!

So you see, despite BDS, and despite what you hear on the news, it is possible for Jews and Palestinians to be at peace with one another!  Let’s pray that the spirit of evil that prevails upon so many will be lifted!

Keep watching…my adventures in the West Bank are not over!  I’ll tell you about a terrorist-laden area next!


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