Tikkun Olam – Israel’s Generosity Shines Brightly

Tikkun olam ("repairing the world") is ingrained in the DNA of Israelis! I'm always amazed to see the lengths Israelis will go to bless others! Check out the generosity of Israel's lacrosse team: On Wednesday, the Kenya lacrosse team played Israel lacrosse, and Kenya did not have actual cleats. On Thursday, Israel surprised them with …

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How Israel Treats Her Neighbors

Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place) is woven into the fabric of Jewish life. Indeed, it is as though virtually every Jewish person has an innate instinct to offer help, even to those who aren't so friendly to them. Despite almost 700 missiles and rockets fired their way from the Gaza Strip last …

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What Does Israel do for the World?

When disaster strikes somewhere in the world, who shows up?  When innocent people are harmed in the midst of the Syrian conflict, where do they go?  What nation tends to the injured and wounded who flood into their hospitals when conflict breaks out in the Gaza Strip?  When starving nations need assistance, who provides it? …

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School for Syrian Refugee Kids, Built by….

Yes...Israel! What a heartwarming example of what happens with Jews, Arabs...and even Persians!...work together! You've got to see this! https://youtu.be/0aPRmPuKetc Will you take a moment right now to pray for the teachers and students at the School of Peace?