School for Syrian Refugee Kids, Built by….

Yes...Israel! What a heartwarming example of what happens with Jews, Arabs...and even Persians! together! You've got to see this! Will you take a moment right now to pray for the teachers and students at the School of Peace?

Israeli Archaeological Digs a Treatment for PTSD?

Seven US military veterans recently completed a very unusual tour of duty: an archaeological dig at Beth She'arim in Israel.  Those veterans seek peace of mind from the terrors of war as they dig into the dirt concealing ancient treasures. Is it viable treatment to send American military veterans to archaeological assignments in Israel?  It seems …

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Why DOES Israel Matter?

Pull up a chair and hang out for a bit.  This week we are concluding our study, Why Israel Matters and we have covered lots of ground.  So, we're pulling it all together this week. Early in the study we discussed some reasons Israel matters.  Do you remember some of those reasons?  Let's jog the …

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An Undercover Israeli Saving Lives in Syria

Risking her very life to go undercover into Syria to save lives, Israeli Gal Lusky now reveals her identity.  See her unbelievable story: To what lengths would we go for those deemed to be our "enemies?"