Why DOES Israel Matter?

Pull up a chair and hang out for a bit.  This week we are concluding our study, Why Israel Matters and we have covered lots of ground.  So, we're pulling it all together this week. Early in the study we discussed some reasons Israel matters.  Do you remember some of those reasons?  Let's jog the …

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An Undercover Israeli Saving Lives in Syria

Risking her very life to go undercover into Syria to save lives, Israeli Gal Lusky now reveals her identity.  See her unbelievable story: To what lengths would we go for those deemed to be our "enemies?"

Joint Israeli-American Mission to Provide Dental Care in Africa

Always good to see America and Israel joining forces to make the world a better place!  Tikkun Olam! Check out this joint dental mission to Africa: IsraAID Sends US Dentists to Treat Refugees in Kenya

1st Century Christians and Jews: Fractured Relations

Pull up a chair!  We're gathering at the virtual study table to follow up on yesterday's foundational discussion about early Jewish-Christian relations, and God's call of the Apostle Paul as a missionary to the Gentiles.  If you missed yesterday's discussion, scroll back to it for a good foundation for today's topic. We have established that …

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