How Israel Treats Her Neighbors

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Tikkun Olam (making the world a better place) is woven into the fabric of Jewish life. Indeed, it is as though virtually every Jewish person has an innate instinct to offer help, even to those who aren’t so friendly to them.

Despite almost 700 missiles and rockets fired their way from the Gaza Strip last month, tikkun olam continues to reach far into the lives of even Israel’s enemies. Israel is in the midst of laying a fourth water pipeline to carry fresh water from Israel into the Gaza Strip, providing 3 billion gallons of water each year to desperate Gazans. (See the story here.)

I have reported before about Israeli efforts to provide medical care to Syrian refugees, a life-saving Israeli innovation that serves both Jews and Muslims, and examples of Israel’s “first on scene” response to world tragedies.

Today, I want to share another story of how Israel reached out in the past to a neighboring enemy region to help save Lebanese Christians…and one of those saved is talking about it to this day! It’s a fascinating 3 1/2-minute, first-hand account of a family in desperate need, aided by the Israelis at just the right moment! Enjoy!

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