Tikkun Olam: 2-Wheeled Ambulances

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Tikkun Olam is a Jewish concept of “repairing the world” or “making the world a better place.”  It is a Jewish social norm and is embedded into the fabric of Jewish belief.  It takes on forms of all kinds, both domestically and globally, as the longing to make the world a better place reaches near and far.

When I was in Israel in September, I saw an interesting site: a two-wheeled ambulance!  In jest, I dubbed it “EMT on wheels.”  But the idea struck me…those little guys can zip around the narrow streets of Jerusalem in a flash.  What a great idea!

A few days ago I heard the “back story” of those EMT’s on wheels.  Impressed once more by Israeli innovation, I watched the following video with great interest.  What I learned, though, is that EMT’s on wheels is yet another example of Jews and Arabs partnering together to make the world a better place…and they are all volunteers!  You won’t hear that on the news!

Enjoy the video!


(For those having problems viewing embedded videos, you can find the video here:

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