What Does Israel do for the World?

When disaster strikes somewhere in the world, who shows up?  When innocent people are harmed in the midst of the Syrian conflict, where do they go?  What nation tends to the injured and wounded who flood into their hospitals when conflict breaks out in the Gaza Strip?  When starving nations need assistance, who provides it?

If you answered “Israel,” you are correct!  Historically, since the rebirth of their nation in 1948, Israel has been faithful to respond to the humanitarian needs of others…even their enemies.

For the most part, Africa is no enemy of Israel.  In fact, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made concentrated efforts, including traveling to African nations, to build bridges of cooperation and friendship with many African countries.  In large part, most African nations have almost no natural resources, so nothing to “give back” to Israel.

Yet, Israel is investing considerable time, money, ingenuity and other resources in helping African nations give their citizens a better way of life!  Since 2008, Innovation: Africa, a non-profit founded and run by women, has played a huge part in providing Israeli water, solar, agriculture, and other resources to many African countries, helping communities and villages become self-sustaining producers of food products, water and other life-giving necessities.

Tikkun olam…acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world…is alive and well in Israel!  While their compassion reaches well beyond just the continent of Africa, there may be no more grateful people than the African people!  Check out this brief (3 1/2-minute) glimpse of the amazing transformation going on in Africa, thanks to Israeli innovation and compassion!

As you enjoy a glass of water this weekend, why not praise God for those in Africa who are now enjoying a glass of water themselves. Why not ask the Lord to grant greater favor to Africans still longing for water. Why not pray for those who share the Living Water…Jesus Christ…with people around the world. Be involved! Pray, give or go to share the Good News while there is still time!

To learn more about “Innovation: Africa,” be sure to check out their website.

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