Is the US Going to War with Iran?

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If you have followed the news at all, you are aware that Iran shot down an American Navy drone on a surveillance mission in the Persian Gulf. Iran claims the drone had entered Iranian airspace, though US military personnel and President Trump state unequivocally that the drone was flying in international airspace.

Nonetheless, the Iranians gloated over the “kill,” while President Trump mulled over the decision to take action against certain missile-launching sites in Iran. Reports are that, though fighter jets were in the air and ready to launch the attack, President Trump called off the operation before B-52 bombers were airborne. When asked why he aborted the mission, Trump responded that attacks would have killed at least 150 Iranians in response to no American lives lost, thus he believed it was too over-reaching.

As always, though, I like to consider news in light of what the Bible teaches us about days in which we live. If you study Ezekiel 38:1-6 carefully, the Bible is clear that Iran will join forces with a Russian czar to invade Israel at some point. They will be accompanied by Turkey and two African entities, most likely modern-day Sudan and Libya. (See Who’s Who in Ezekiel 38?)

We know that Russia and Iran have partnered in efforts to build nuclear facilities in Iran. That brings us to the terrible Iranian nuclear deal forged during the previous US administration. Evidence suggests that Iran never completely complied with the agreement, instead continued their trudge toward nuclearization. President Trump, however, took the US out of the deal and reimposed sanctions because Iran was proving to be not only a menace, but a very dangerous one at that.

Once sanctions kicked in, the already-weak Iranian economy began to tank. Meanwhile, Iran continues efforts to set up camp on Israel’s borders, and they continue to threaten the US and our allies. Just recently, explosions occurred on commercial vessels sailing through the Persian Gulf. It seems Iran is trigger happy, and likely becoming more so as their backs are against the wall financially.

Now for the silver lining (short-lived as it might be)! The Bible tells us (in Ezekiel 38 and elsewhere) Israel will stand alone in the end. They will have to rely upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and He will stand on their behalf. But today, America strongly backs Israel, and other nations are either just as supportive, or are coming around to be. Even moderate Muslim countries such as Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and others now see Israel less of an enemy and more of a friend.

Some might say, “Well, that doesn’t fit the prophecy!” Oh, but it does! You see, there will be those who stand around while Israel is attacked, and they ask silly questions. For example, they ask the invaders what they are coming after. Those nations do nothing to lift a finger to help defend Israel. (No worries…God has Israel’s back on that one!)

So, who will that be? Ezekiel 38:13 gives us the account. We know Sheba and Dedan refer to the Arabian peninsula, and today, Saudi Arabia is getting more and more chummy with Israel in the fight against Iran! Personally, I don’t believe the US is mentioned anywhere in Scripture, but if so, it is likely in Ezekiel 38:13, where we read of “merchants of Tarshish and all its villages.”

Today we stand strong with Israel because we have a president committed to it. Interestingly, our country is prospering right now! (Read Genesis 12:3 to understand why!) One day, we will have a different President who very likely will not show such favoritism to Israel.

So, praise God for an administration that takes that stand! Let’s pray for our president, our Congressional leaders, military leaders, judges and everyone else in government. May they continue to bless Israel!

You see, God’s Word is true and reliable from beginning to end. We can count on the fact He will be victorious! When you read the news, keep an eye on Scripture! The prophecy puzzle pieces are coming together in our lifetime!

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