OurCrowd: “This is Our Destiny!”

So, what is OurCrowd? Glad you asked!

OurCrowd is a worldwide gathering of venture investors who flock to Israel once a year to discover the latest innovative companies in whom to invest! Israel is the “Innovation Nation,” home to some of the world’s most successful start-ups. In fact, through ventures such as OurCrowd, Israeli start-ups have not only launched incredibly successful businesses, but have also been sold for millions of dollars to huge companies such as Google, Intel and many others.

I have never been in Israel during an OurCrowd convention, but what fun that would be! I have, however, been witness to presentations of incredible Israeli inventions such as SoftWheel, AlphaOmega, and MobileODT. The spirit of Tikkun Olam (repair the world) is on full display when you see the excitement on Israeli faces when they know they have invented something that will truly help humanity all around the globe!

Here is a brief article and video report from the most recent OurCrowd gathering in Israel. Enjoy!

This is Our Destiny: Israel’s OurCrowd Founder Says Israeli Innovation is the Fulfillment of Prophecy

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