Israel: Innovation Nation – SoftWheel

Not long ago the MobileODT was featured as a recent innovation developed by Israelis.  The device, which connects to a cell phone and is designed to diagnose cervical cancer, is indeed an incredible invention.

However that is not the only amazing medical device to come out of Israel!  Today, I want to introduce you to the SoftWheel, an imaginative “re-invention” of the wheel as we know it!  Though it also has applications on bicycles, and perhaps automobiles soon, I want to focus on the invention of the SoftWheel in perhaps its most impressive application:  on wheelchairs!

Imagine a wheelchair with shock absorbers built into the wheels themselves, allowing wheelchair-bound individuals to do what they could never do before!  It turns a wheelchair into an off-road vehicle!  I recently got a first-hand look at this amazing innovation, but you can also check it out here in this 12-minute video!  (PS: This is a great example of failing until you succeed!)

If we could all “fail” so well!

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