Counting the Costs: Christians in Israel and the Middle East

Though Israel is a democratic state with freedom of worship, there remains challenges for believers there. For Messianic Jews, the challenges sometimes become very difficult.

Meanwhile, Christians throughout Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East often face even greater challenges. Muslim families often ostracize or disown family members who turn to Jesus Christ as Savior. You can imagine the tension withing those Arab families.

Today, I invite you to read an insiders perspective of what many Christians face in Israel and the Middle East. Take some time this weekend to read Joel Rosenberg’s 2019 Summer Newsletter, then pray diligently for believers in that part of the world.

One of the things that excites me most about the upcoming tour I’m leading to Israel is that we will spend time with Palestinian, Arab and Messianic Jewish believers who, though they face these challenges, are committed followers of Jesus the Messiah! We will hear first-hand about the specific challenges they face, and we will have plenty of opportunity to join them in prayer. Likewise, worship time is on the agenda as well!

The cliche, “trip of a lifetime” is thrown about with regularity, but I can truly say it is doubtful most of us will have these same opportunities very often in life! This is a special chance for us to connect with believers there and I hope you will pray for our group as we travel to Israel in November.

BTW – we are only days away from the close of registration. If you are interested in joining us, we have 2 seats available until August 14. We welcome you to join what is already a fantastic group of 30 people who are very excited to experience Israel. Most of our group will travel together from Phoenix AZ, but others are joining us from other cities, so location is not a problem. Go to the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page to find out more about this incredible journey and to register.

Come go with us!

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