The Names of Temple Mount

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On two occasions, God spoke through the prophet Ezekiel, declaring Jerusalem the center of the world. (Ezekiel 5:5 and 38:12) Temple Mount is the focal point in Jerusalem, and is perhaps the most hotly-contested 36 acres on planet earth.

But did you know it has not always been known as Temple Mount? What was it called before the Temple? Is it known by other significant names? Answers to these questions are found here:

In exactly 3 months, an excited group of Israel-loving Bible believers will travel with me to Israel to see Temple Mount and other key sites in the land where Jesus lived and ministered. Bibles will come alive as never before, and we will engage with Israelis, bringing a new depth of understanding about Israel and God’s call for us to rightly relate to His chosen land and His chosen people. Please pray for open eyes, hearts and minds to all the Lord has for us there. Thank you!

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