A Message from Those Living on the Gaza Border

Iranian-backed Hamas would like nothing better than to rid the region of Jewish people. We hear the news of rockets launched toward Israeli homes near the Gaza border. While Israel is plenty capable of taking care of business in Gaza, the threats from Hamas are real and border residents must be prepared 24/7 for terrorist attacks.

What is it like to live under those conditions? Hear a message from Israelis living on the Gaza border. Then, continue to uphold them in your prayers.

UPDATE: My apologies, friends. For some reason, the video I posted incurred a problem (censorship, perhaps), so was not visible for viewing. It contained encouraging messages from Israelis living on the Gaza border, sharing about how they found joy in life, despite the hardships the conflict brings. Pray for them!

2 thoughts on “A Message from Those Living on the Gaza Border

  1. Teresa

    Hello, Shalom! I am requesting information I heard on your TV show that aired on TBN
    Date: 4.4.19
    Time: 11:30 – 12m
    Why Israel Matters Homecoming (2017) incredible stories of Aaliyah. I heard an Asian woman say her New Jewish name is GOD is able – “Hashem Yahoa”
    Is this the correct spelling for ‘GOD is able’?
    Thank you!

    1. Shalom Teresa…and thank you for stopping by. The video I posted was apparently censored and taken down. It was an encouraging message from Israelis, sharing how they manage to maintain joy while enduring the hardships of conflict.

      I am not familiar with the TBN program you referenced. However, I can tell you that your translation of “God is able” is very close. The Hebrew spelling actually ends with a lamedh (“L”), thus ending in a soft “L” sound. Also, Elohim may be used somewhat interchangeably with Hashem in this case.

      Check out http://www.doitinhebrew.com for translations to/from Hebrew!

      Again, thanks for the comment, and have a blessed day!

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