Standing on the Golan Heights

There are two key areas in Israel in which the world clamors: Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights above the Galilee area. Why? Because of Temple Mount’s spiritual significance and the Golan Height’s military significance.

Both play major parts in end time events. The northern invaders of Gog and Magog will almost assuredly storm (or attempt to!) across the Golan Heights as they come for the spoils Ezekiel refers to in chapters 38 and 39. Of course, Temple Mount is where the third temple will be built during the Tribulation after the Antichrist confirms a covenant and allows the Jewish people to build their long-awaited temple. He will ultimately sit in the midst of that temple and demand to be worshiped.

But for today, consider why the Golan Heights are so important to Israel:

My friends, we will stand on the Golan Heights when we go to Israel in November! From there, you will get the full perspective of why it is so important that Israel maintains control of it. From there, you will also see into Syria and Lebanon, the gateway of the Gog and Magog invasion!

Get more information about the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR, then join us in November!

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