Hezbollah Treading on Thin Ice!

Repeatedly, Israeli officials have said they will not allow rogue regimes such as Iranian-backed forces to operate on its borders. While the IDF hits Hamas targets hard militarily in the Gaza Strip following foul play from the terrorist group, the tactic seems to be a bit different with Hezbollah.

Israel calls them out publicly!

Here is a report from an IDF spokesman that causes one to ask, “Is Hezbollah pushing the envelop in Syria right now?” Don’t be surprised if we hear news that Israel has had to, once again, go into Syria to take care of business.

More and more, Syria seems to be the open door through which an evil axis of power mongers long to pour through. Ezekiel 38-39 describe what’s coming, and we see signs in our day. Please pray for wisdom of those in leadership within the IDF, and for Israeli officials as they deal with these types of threats every single day.

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