Why Don’t we Hear about This in the News?

Currently, the UN is considering their annual sanctions against Israel, claiming all sorts of humanitarian atrocities.  One of the accusations consistently leveled against Israel is that they are an apartheid state, wanting to “cleanse the land” of all Arabs.

Anyone who knows anything at all about Israel knows that Arabs, including Palestinians, live freely in Israel.  They vote, they have representation in the Knesset, they have the same rights as Israeli citizens that Jews have, and Arabs hold important positions in government. 

Apartheid?  Cleansing of the land?  I don’t think so!

On the other hand, November 30 is a day of remembrance of over 850,000 Jews who once lived in neighboring Arab countries.  Take a look at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs recent video:

Bet you didn’t hear THAT on the news, did you!?!  Pray for the UN!  May God bless the efforts of US Ambassador Nikki Haley, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon, and any who will stand for righteousness and just treatment of Israel.  Pray, also, that the UN will reverse course and condemn Hamas’ attacks on Israeli citizens.  Here is more info about that:

Be prayerful, my friends.  That is one of our responsibilities as the bride of Christ!


FYI – Hanukkah starts today, so tune in as we focus on the Jewish celebration of light over the next few day!

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