Happy 70th Birthday, Israel!

Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments to the ACLI/ICEJ Conference in Washington DC

It’s finally here…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ISRAEL!

Image result for seventy and strong galaI’m in Washington DC to celebrate two very important things: Israel’s 70th birthday, and the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.  American Christian Leaders for Israel and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem have teamed together for a huge gala celebration, hosted by the Museum of the Bible.  (All three are partners in standing for Israel.)

Last night’s gala was a sold out event where 400 Christian Leaders gathered to celebrate.  One highlight was a message from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sincerely thanking American Christians for standing with Israel and helping to drive forward the move of the Embassy to Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, in Israel, Netanyahu welcomed the US delegation to Jerusalem and lauded President Trump and his administration for their leadership.  The true test of a leader is whether or not anyone follows, and the Prime Minister glowingly mentioned the move of other embassies to Jerusalem in the coming days and weeks.  Indeed, America has led the charge.  Here is Netanyahu’s welcoming remarks to the US team in Jerusalem:


At the gala we also heard from several Christian leaders and people of influence.  Gary Bauer (Family Research Council and former official in President Reagan’s administration) was especially poignant, pointing out the foreign policy successes of the American administration during the Trump era.

We were also reminded of “Cyrus moments” in our nation’s history.  It’s fascinating, and I’ll share more about that as I have time to write.  (Check back this afternoon or tomorrow.)

Meanwhile, let’s all join together in wishing Israel a blessed 70th birthday…and a prayer that, as the Lord continues to watch over her, that the eyes of His people will be open to see Him as their Messiah!

Behold, He who keeps Israel
Will neither slumber nor sleep.
~Psalm 121:4


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