Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah

Why Are Some Christians Celebrating Hanukkah?

I recently read one of the most comprehensive and well-written explanations ever of why Hanukkah is significant to us as Christians.  There are nuggets in this ICEJ article and I hope you will take two minutes to find them!

Why Some Christians Celebrate Hanukkah

Let’s celebrate!

Word from Jerusalem – November 2018

  • Israel at 70: Days of Fulfillment
  • ICEJ Honored for Fire Trailers and Shelters
  • 10-Year-Old Girl Blesses Holocaust Survivors
  • Why is Gaza Such a Problem?

Those are just some of the interesting articles in the November issue of Word from Jerusalem.  For those interested in the latest ministry news from ICEJ, check out those articles and more here:

For Zion’s Sake – November 2018

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Greetings friends!  Indeed, time spent in prayer is never wasted, so I hope it is your habit to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as Psalm 122 exhorts.

On the first Wednesday of every month we join believers from all over the world to do just that.  Our Father in heaven is pleased when His children unite together at the foot of the throne.  Today’s the day, so let’s go there!

PRAISE:  Lord, we praise You that You are a God of encouragement.  A great Salvation is coming for Israel, as this great Salvation came for us.  We praise You for Jesus, Messiah of Israel.  Amen.

Behold, the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth,
Say to the daughter of Zion, “Lo, your salvation comes;
Behold His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him.”
~Isaiah 62:11

PONDER:  In spite of the variety of deadly enemy campaigns against Israel throughout the ages, there is a promise that this darkness will fail.  We are called to encourage Zion with the assurance that a great deliverance is coming, that there will be a blessing, and that this salvation is embodied in a person, the Messiah, who died for them.  His reward for Israel is with Him, to the embarrassment of all who have ever hated Israel, including (at times) the Church.  There is a glorious future beyond the present which is a blessing to Jerusalem and a blessing to us.  Let us usher Him in with our prayers.

PRAY:  See this month’s prayer points, posted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and pray accordingly.  Find the “Current Prayer Guide” here.  (Hint: there are several prayer points, so why not split them up and pray for a few of them each week throughout the month of November.)

Reaching Out to the Hurting in Pittsburgh

Most of us, particularly those who love and care deeply about our Jewish friends, have been deeply impacted by the heinous massacre that took place in a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday.  Some have asked me, “What can I do?”

Carefully, I have vetted ways that would most impact our Jewish friends.  Obviously, reaching out with the love of Yeshua (Jesus) is in order.  So, I reached out to organizations I highly respect to ascertain how best to minister to our Jewish friends in Pittsburgh.  Here are two ways to show our love and support.

From Jews for Jesus:

If you are still wondering whether or not to do anything, I want to reach out and encourage you to stand with the Jewish people in some tangible way. In times past, when the Jewish people have been under assault, some of God’s people stood up and made their love and concern known, while others remained silent. We pray that the Church will rally in large numbers to show Christ’s care for the Jewish people at this time. May churches everywhere rise to this occasion.

We are to mourn with those who mourn and weep with those who weep. At this time of sorrow in the Jewish community, your sensitivity and demonstration of shared grief means more than you may know. Local Jewish community leaders in your area, as well as in those in the Pittsburgh area, will be glad to receive affirmations of Christian love for the Jewish people during this time of sorrow. A letter, a phone call, or a statement on your church’s webpage are just some ways this can be done.

The US Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has launched a “Tree of Life Recovery Fund,” in which 100% of donations will go assist victims’ families and restore the synagogue where the massacre occurred.  DONATE HERE to support that cause.

Of course, prayer is important…and I trust you are doing that.  But a tangible action, whether an encouraging word or a financial gift, demonstrates our care and concern.  I hope you will join me in whatever way possible to share the love of the Jewish Messiah with the Jewish people of Pittsburgh.  Will you take a moment today to take action?

Have a great day!