Does Israel Receive the Most US Foreign Aid?

Great question…and there is a very good answer!  Susan Michael, US Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, recently penned an article well worth reading.

Many complain about foreign aid that goes to Israel.  However, what they likely don’t realize is that far less goes to Israel than to other nations such as Afghanistan.  Furthermore, military aid to Israel rarely leaves America, as the Jewish nation turns right around to spend most of that aid on American equipment!  To add to the mix, Israeli technology enhances our own weaponry!

Please take two minutes to read more about US aid to Israel, and how very vital it is to the security of both nations.

Does Israel Receive the Most US Foreign Aid? by Susan Michael

Why Should America Support Israel?

Hi everyone!  We’re in the midst of considering some key questions regarding Israel.  About once a week we turn to short educational videos from to answer those key questions.

A few weeks ago we considered why Christians should support Israel.  Today, we examine 4 reasons why America should support Israel.  Spend 90 seconds considering those reasons!  Enjoy!

Israel: Innovation Nation – Energy in Africa

Image result for tikkun olam meaningTikkun Olam: Acts of kindness performed to perfect or repair the world; making the world a better place.

It’s a traditional Jewish concept taken very literally by many Israelis!  Israel is known as the “innovation nation,” and they didn’t come by it accidentally.  Since before the re-birth of Israel, the Jews have had to figure out how to make things work for the good of many…or risk the disappearance of and entire people group!  They had to work hard simply to exist.

Today, Israel is full of ideas that impact the world.  A couple days ago, one such Israeli innovator was featured during ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles celebration.  Her name is Sivan Yaari and she is founder and CEO of Innovation Africa.  They bring technology to Africa that helps villages overcome the terrible effects of drought, famine and extreme living conditions.

It is an incredible gift to the African people and well worth discovering.  Take a look:


PS: We’ll look at other Israeli innovations tomorrow during a teaching called “We Stand with Israel.”  Come join us at Calvary Community Church NW campus (Prayer Room) at 9:00 or Central campus (Room 403) at 11:00.  Info and directions.

Is Israel a Racist State?

In the court of world opinion, Israel is often compared to the former apartheid state of South Africa.  Accusations of prejudice and racism are cast from all over the world in attempts to delegitimize Israel.  But are the accusations accurate? (presented by the US branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) takes on the question head-on in the minute-and-a-half video below.  Find out the answer here: