ICEJ Vice President David Parsons Talks about the US Embassy Move

By now you know that President Trump has announced the US will move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May.  Despite threats of turmoil and retaliation from Arabs and Palestinians, Trump made good on a campaign promise.

But did you know the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 ordered the US Embassy to be situated in Jerusalem no later than May 31, 1999?  In fact, the law actually stipulated 3 things:

Jerusalem Embassy Act - 3 Stipulations

President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as his announcement that the embassy will be moved to Jerusalem were simply fulfillment of law that Congress passed 23 years ago!  (See a copy of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 here.)

But how did the law originate?  In the 1990’s, David Parsons (who is now a Vice President and Senior Spokesperson for ICEJ), drafted the bill, including the three specific points noted above.  The bill changed somewhat (including the provision of presidential waivers) before being passed by Congress in 1995.  But it was almost a quarter century later when President Trump finally did what no other president had the courage to do: fulfill the provisions of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995!

Recently, David Parsons was interviewed by CBN, where he discussed the significance of the recent presidential pronouncements.  Take time to view the 6 1/2-minute interview here and read the story here.


Word from Jerusalem – March 2018

The anticipated US Embassy move to Jerusalem has made worldwide news.  Indeed, it is a newsworthy event.  However, did you know that you already have an embassy in Jerusalem?  Indeed, when all nations were pulling their embassies out of Jerusalem in the 1980’s, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem moved in!

For about 40 years, ambassadors of Christ have stood with Israel, in Jerusalem, at the ICEJ!  If you are a Christian, YOU have an embassy in the Holy City!

As you may know, the ICEJ publishes Word from Jerusalem, a magazine sharing news of current events from a Biblical perspective and updating us on the work of the Embassy.  But did you know they produce both a “global” issue as well as a US edition?  (They also publish specific issues in a few other countries as well.)  In this issue of the “global” edition, you will find:

  • Restored for Destruction – ICEJ President Jurgen Buhler shares an alternate view of “the time of Jacob’s trouble.”  (Study for yourself to discern whether or not you agree with this view!)
  • The Miracle of Israel’s Rebirth – the miracle of a nation’s rebirth, only 3 years after their near destruction.
  • Haifa Home Expansion – news on the planned addition to the home for Holocaust survivors, operated by the ICEJ.
  • Playing Defence – an update on provision of bomb shelters in areas near the Gaza Strip.
  • Choosing to Remember – a visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
  • Update on Protests in Iran

Check out those articles and more here:


The March issue of the US edition contains articles such as:

  • Three incredible reports on ICEJ’s involvement in “Operation Good Neighbor.”
  • ICEJ Donates New Bomb Shelters
  • No Time to Lose – helping Holocaust survivors before its too late.
  • Expanding and Uniting – increasing number of ICEJ branches worldwide.
  • How Can We Help Palestinian Refugees

Find all that and more here:

Word from Jerusalem – February 2018

ICEJ has released the latest edition of Word from Jerusalem, containing relevant and insightful articles.  This month’s magazine includes articles such as:

  • I Will do a New Thing – the remarkable timetable of God, and how He has worked in the history of Israel
  • The Controversy over Zion – the impact of President Trump’s acknowledgement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
  • ICEJ Year in Review – a joyous month-by-month look at the impact various ICEJ outreaches have had in Israel and beyond
  • Why was Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital Important? – a look at why that recognition was so historic

Enjoy this edition:

For Zion’s Sake – February 2018

Tomorrow is prayer time, warriors!  Yes, the first Wednesday of every month has been designated by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem as a day of prayer for Israel, her neighbors and the ICEJ.

So, let’s prepare for tomorrow’s prayer time.  Isaiah 62 is the basis for this prayer initiative, and I encourage you to take some time to pray through the entire chapter.  You will be blessed in doing so.  But to join with hundreds of thousands of believers around the world, we’ll focus on verse 2 this month.  (The chapter has 12 verses…one on which to focus each month!)

The nations will see your righteousness,
And all kings your glory;
And you will be called by a new name
Which the mouth of the Lord will designate.

PRAISE:  Lord, thank You that nations and kings shall see righteousness in Zion.  We praise You that we who believe in Jesus, the Anointed One of Israel, partake of Your righteousness even now.  Amen.

PONDER:  God has not abandoned His people.  The nations – that is, the Gentiles – for the most part do not recognize God, let alone His people Israel and her eternal capital, Jerusalem.  But there are Gentiles who know their Bibles and see the truth, so God calls this remnant of “Biblical Zionists” to prayer.  He calls us to tell Him to bring forth all He has promised.  Today, kings, prime ministers, presidents and other world leaders do not see the glory in Israel’s future, but they will.  With joy, the nations and their leaders will one day behold a Zion that epitomizes justice and displays God’s splendor.  Jerusalem’s renown shall be designated by God Himself, and it is for this that He calls us to pray.

PRAY:  Find this month’s specific prayer guide here.

If you are not currently part of an Isaiah 62 prayer group, I encourage you to find a local group to join for this once-a-month prayer time.  It is powerful, and a great way to share in prayer with others who follow the Lord’s command to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122).

If you are in the Phoenix area, join us at CalvaryPHX at 6:00 pm tomorrow.  We meet in room 301 (north side of campus).  Find directions and more info here.  If you are not in the Phoenix area, find a group near you.