Word from Jerusalem – March 2018

The anticipated US Embassy move to Jerusalem has made worldwide news.  Indeed, it is a newsworthy event.  However, did you know that you already have an embassy in Jerusalem?  Indeed, when all nations were pulling their embassies out of Jerusalem in the 1980’s, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem moved in!

For about 40 years, ambassadors of Christ have stood with Israel, in Jerusalem, at the ICEJ!  If you are a Christian, YOU have an embassy in the Holy City!

As you may know, the ICEJ publishes Word from Jerusalem, a magazine sharing news of current events from a Biblical perspective and updating us on the work of the Embassy.  But did you know they produce both a “global” issue as well as a US edition?  (They also publish specific issues in a few other countries as well.)  In this issue of the “global” edition, you will find:

  • Restored for Destruction – ICEJ President Jurgen Buhler shares an alternate view of “the time of Jacob’s trouble.”  (Study for yourself to discern whether or not you agree with this view!)
  • The Miracle of Israel’s Rebirth – the miracle of a nation’s rebirth, only 3 years after their near destruction.
  • Haifa Home Expansion – news on the planned addition to the home for Holocaust survivors, operated by the ICEJ.
  • Playing Defence – an update on provision of bomb shelters in areas near the Gaza Strip.
  • Choosing to Remember – a visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
  • Update on Protests in Iran

Check out those articles and more here:


The March issue of the US edition contains articles such as:

  • Three incredible reports on ICEJ’s involvement in “Operation Good Neighbor.”
  • ICEJ Donates New Bomb Shelters
  • No Time to Lose – helping Holocaust survivors before its too late.
  • Expanding and Uniting – increasing number of ICEJ branches worldwide.
  • How Can We Help Palestinian Refugees

Find all that and more here:

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to AIPAC: “The US is at its Strongest when We Stand with Israel!”

If you have never heard David Friedman speak, you will find him to be far from “rah-rah,” but yet very principled and profound.  The US Ambassador to Israel comes across as wise, steadfast and contemplative.  You won’t hear him raise his voice to make major points of a speech, but rather (if like me) you will find yourself listening intently to what he has to say.

Like other dignitaries who have addressed AIPAC over the past couple days, he proudly proclaims the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and he seems to stand proudly that he is the Ambassador who will inhabit the new embassy in Jerusalem!

His speech to AIPAC was calm and measured, portraying the right type of personality of one who sits in high-stakes negotiations on behalf of America and in support of Israel.  He also speaks of Biblical principles, on which America was founded, and on which he stakes his decisions.  I encourage you to watch his 20-minute speech and listen intently to hear this servant’s resolve to carry out his duties as Ambassador with dignity and honor.

See Ambassador Friedman’s and all the AIPAC speeches here.

Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem to Coincide with Israel’s 70th Birthday!

In one of the most astounding moves of his presidency, President Trump announced in a speech this morning that the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem in May, to coincide with Israel’s 70th birthday!

The move will be a temporary move to the current Consulate General’s location in the Arnona neighborhood.  Plans for a more permanent embassy building are still in the works.

The story is developing, but you can read more info at:

Pray for wisdom for our leaders and those around the world.  This will almost assuredly cause an uproar in certain Islamic nations.

Netanyahu: “The Jewish people and the Jewish state will be forever grateful.”

Yesterday, following President Trump’s historic proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed thanks and gratitude to President Trump and the United States.  Here are his remarks:


Now that the announcement has been made, chaos has begun to break loose in parts of the Middle East.  Will Arab Muslim nations rise up in full-blown revolt against Israel? Will Trump be able to persuade other nations to follow his lead?  Will conservative Arab leaders continue to cooperate with the US and Israel?  It is too soon to tell what impact the announcement will make, but we can likely expect battle lines to become clearer and clearer in the months to come.  Pray for wisdom of world leaders, and that they will seek to do what is right…not what is politically correct.