ONGOING: The World Changed Dramatically Today

Friends, if you follow, you know Sunday’s are generally reserved for meditation and worship of our Lord.

However, our world is taking a very dramatic turn even now. If you know anything at all about what’s happening in the world, you are probably aware of an advance by the Taliban on Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan. Today, the Taliban took over the capital building and reports indicate they may have also breeched the US Embassy in Kabul. Haphazardly, US diplomats were evacuated over the weekend. Thankfully, it is believed none were in the embassy at the time of the takeover. (After all, Joe Biden begged them to spare our embassy.) Disgraceful, and this entire event should never have happened.

Responsibility for what is happening in Afghanistan lies squarely on the shoulders of the weakest, most incompetent person to ever occupy the White House. Joe Biden and his administration have shown total disregard for our nation and our allies by totally and haphazardly withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan. They left behind tons of military equipment such as drones, helicopters, humvees, weapons of all kinds and infrastructure that are now in the hands of the Taliban. Reports indicate plans may be drawn up to bomb our own equipment! Either this administration is absolutely and completely incompetent, or this is another in a long line of efforts to prove they are not like the Trump administration. I think they have proven that point.

So, while hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flood into our country to help build up the Democratic voting base and spread COVID, while our economy is on the brink of freefall, while Congress passes trillions of dollars in wasteful spending bills, while Critical Race Theory, gender identity and BLM are crammed down the throats of school kids, while vaccine and mask mandates are pushing our country toward totalitarian rule….our veterans and those who gave their lives in Afghanistan are spit at. What a disgrace. Our veterans were just reduced to expendable pawns on the chess board of a novice checkers player.

Christian friends, for far too long, we (Christians) have either sat silently or entered discussions determined to “play nicely,” while liberals have run a gigantic truck right over our country! For far too long, too many have said “I’m a Christian, I don’t get involved in politics.” For far too long, we have allowed evil to overtake our land, while responding very little or very weakly to what is happening to American values. When is the last time we showed up at a school board meeting, a city counsel meeting or a county commission meeting to say, “We won’t stand for evil.” When is the last time we contacted our elected representatives to let our voice be heard? While we were sleeping, liberal socialists have positioned themselves to take over our country and we’re watching it happen! Will we continue to sit on the sidelines?

It is time to stand up and to speak up! Joe Biden, who is on vacation at Camp David, sits alone in a conference room watching world events as though they were the Saturday movie of the week. He says he will address the nation “in a few days.” His Secretary of State just declared the US accomplished what it went there (Afghanistan) to do. True, if the objective was to disgrace our military and our nation. This president needs to resign and we, the American people, need to rise up and take back our country.

Why the passion today? Because America has just suffered perhaps the most disgraceful day since 911. More importantly, the Bible teaches us to occupy until our Lord returns. He is coming soon and this is no time to rest. Understand, neither our nation nor the world will be saved by politics. However, if we are to continue standing for moral values and against evil in our nation, our freedoms must be preserved and America must remain a shining light.

Once that light goes out…and it will…Israel will be left to stand alone and the world will be void of the light emanating from the only other nation on planet earth founded on Biblical principals. It will happen, but until then, we absolutely must occupy! Let’s get in the game!

PS: There is more encouraging news tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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