Reflections upon Trump Policies toward Israel

With a new administration now sworn in, it is time to turn our focus to what is, rather than what we wish it was! Without a doubt, President Trump was the most pro-Israel president in US history, and what his administration did on behalf of Israel is nothing short of amazing. More importantly, though, much of what President Trump did regarding Israel either cannot be undone, or would be significantly difficult to undo.

Was President Trump aware of Bible prophecy regarding Israel, and how his decisions would move those prophecies closer to fulfillment? I don’t know. But given the number of strong evangelical Christians surrounding him in key positions, I think perhaps there might have been some reference or discussion about Bible prophecy at times! If so, wouldn’t you love to have been a fly on the wall during those conversations!

Genesis 12 clearly states key promises God made to Abraham, and a stern warning to the nations regarding how they treat Israel: those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Boy, is it important to stand on the favored side of that equation!

That is what President Trump did! Rather than lamenting what lies ahead with an administration less likely to stand with Israel, let’s consider what the Trump administration did for Israel:

  1. Recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. On December 6, 2017, President Trump formally recognized Israel’s much disputed capital city. This changed the Middle East narrative, as for all intent and purpose, it did away with the Palestinian argument that Jerusalem was their capital. President Trump chose to bless Israel!
  2. Moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The very next day, President Trump announced he would do what every president since Bill Clinton promised to do, but never did: move the Embassy. That move actually took place less than 6 months later, on Israel’s Independence Day…May 14, 2018. This “sealed the deal” regarding Jerusalem being the capital city and seat of government. These two things were huge, and had they been the only things President Trump accomplished, it would have put him on par with the most pro-Israel presidents ever in history. But he was far from done!
  3. Withdrew the US from the ill-fated and reckless Iran nuclear deal (aka JCPOA). This was highly significant, as from the beginning (2015), Iran never intended to adhere to the deal. Rather, they continued their march toward a nuclear weapon, with Israel as its first target. By withdrawing from the deal, America was able to place devastating sanctions on Iran, crippling their economy and causing indefinite delay in the production of a nuclear weapon. Iran began working almost exclusively through terrorist proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza, where Israel easily took care of business when Iranian-backed forces got too close or weapons were smuggled in. With the help of US military equipment, Israel became fully capable of handling her own in the Middle East.
  4. Crushed ISIS and destroyed their footholds. During the Obama administration, ISIS had risen to power and established a caliphate. They controlled 40% of Syria (which borders Israel) and 30% of Iraq. Within Trump’s first year, ISIS lost about 95% of its territory, and its capitals in Raqqa, Syria and Mosul, Iraq. About 150 high ranking ISIS officials were killed, and those living under persecution (mostly Christians and Yazidis) were set free. Israel and others were spared the threat of ISIS terrorism.
  5. Assassinated two of the most radical terrorist leaders in the world. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, and Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s top terrorist mastermind, were both killed in surprise attacks by the US military. The death of these two stopped the raging terror organizations dead in their tracks…ISIS for good, and Iran for quite some time. Once Iran recovered and regrouped, another mastermind was assassinated, supposedly by the Israeli Mossad (with approval from the US). Evil leaders continue to rise, but those three seasoned terrorist masterminds will never have another chance to plot and plan against Israel, the US or our allies.
  6. Recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. On several occasions in past history, Israeli Prime Ministers dangled the Golan Heights in front of Syrian leaders, hoping to swap the Golan for peace. Praise God the Syrians never accepted it! The Golan Heights serve a very strategic military purpose, as the heights sit above the Galilee region and Jordan River valley. He who holds the high ground in war has a tremendous advantage. Now, despite Syrian claims to the Golan Heights, Israel has rightly claimed (and the US recognized) sovereignty over that most strategic piece of land.
  7. Continued significant military aid to Israel. In 2019 alone, the US provided almost $4 billion in military aid. However, it is a win-win! The vast majority of that aid was stipulated to purchase military equipment from the US! Thus, we get our money back, and US jobs are maintained! Beyond that, Israeli technology, which is at least equal if not superior, is shared with the US military! For example, it was Israel who developed the super high-tech helmets that are worn by F-35 pilots!
  8. Brokered the Abraham Accords. Seeing the pathway to peace was NOT through negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, President Trump took a different route and accomplished what no one ever dreamed possible: a peace deal between Israel and her Arab neighbors! Just last summer, Arab nations began signing on to the deal, and when Trump left office the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco had joined the Accords. Moreover, official agreement with Qatar is believed to be forthcoming soon, and Saudi Arabia is allowing freedom of airspace to Israel. That is huge, as airline traffic to UAE and Bahrain would be very, very difficult if not for that. It also opens up shorter routes to Iran in the event Israeli fighter jets must go there to take care of business! It is believed all that hinders Saudi Arabia from entering the Abraham Accords is the “old guard”…the king of Saudi Arabia. Once the Crown Prince (his son) becomes king, it will likely be only a formality at that point! This totally sets the dynamics and the roster of nations who will not take part in attacking Israel in the Ezekiel 38-39 invasion.
  9. As a final, very important gesture, the US Department of Defense (in cooperation with the President and the State Department) moved Israel from the US European Command to Central Command. That is another huge bonus for Israel. They are now coordinated with the appropriate US Command center which allows more efficiency and cooperation of military intel and strategy.

Each one of these accomplishments could stand on its own, making President Trump a very pro-Israel president. However, put them all together and it equates to support of Israel in Biblical proportions! No one has come even remotely close to doing for Israel what President Trump did!

Back to the question, though, of whether or not he understands the prophetic significance…I suspect he does to some degree. In the end, the Bible is clear: Israel will stand alone. President Trump has equipped and positioned them to do so as best as possible. (Though ultimately, it will require the Lord standing up for them!) Ezekiel tells us Israel must be prosperous and living is safety and security when attacked from the north. President Trump has aided in those things. The Abraham Accords and pressure on Iran feed right into the alliances described in the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario.

The new administration may rejoin the Iran deal, but there is very little, if anything, a new administration can do to change what President Trump has done regarding Israel. It appears to me God gave President Trump an assignment and put him in office “for such a time as this.” Now, that time is done. God has the next move…what will it be?

PS: I’ve got something very encouraging and very exciting to share with you tomorrow! If you are still “stuck in a rut” over the election, or you need to see glimmers of hope, or you just frankly don’t care about it any more, what I post tomorrow will be a game changer! Check back tomorrow morning for a huge blessing!

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