Biden Administration Quickly Reverses Policies in the Middle East

A note about “Headlines:” I hope you are following America, Israel and the Church, where we are looking at world events through the lens of Scripture. However, news is happening way to fast to work it all into that particular study series. Thus, “Headlines” is a supplemental piece to that study, and we call it Headlines: America, Israel and the Church. “Headlines” will simply bring you a current or recent headline and point you toward Scripture, whereas our original study, America, Israel and the Church will continue to be a study in God’s Word, and will be our primary focus day-to-day. Those posts will continue in the early mornings, while “Headlines” will be posted as they come up and time allows.

Here is our first “Headlines” post:

Within the past 24 hours, the Biden administration has overturned two key Middle East measures implemented by the Trump administration. First, Biden’s Department of Treasury has issued a permit to do business with the Houthis, a known Iranian-backed terrorist organization in Yemen. The Houthis viciously starve, rape and kill their very own people. As an Iranian proxy, they are often trigger men in attacks on Saudi Arabia, now an ally of Israel and the US, and a bitter enemy of Iran.

While in office, Trump Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, implemented tough sanctions on the Houthis, blocking them from doing business with the US and our allies. Exemptions were made for aid organizations such as the United Nations, the Red Cross and the export of agricultural commodities, medicine and medical devices so that aid could continue reaching Yemeni citizens in need.

In the Biden reversal, his administration is calling it a temporary measure until they decide whether or not to release sanctions. However, it is thought the “temporary measure” will likely become permanent, enabling the Houthis to continue their terrorist activities against their people and Saudi Arabia.

Secondly, news is breaking now that the US Ambassador to the UN will announce the reopening of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) offices in Washington DC, and soon Trump’s Deal of the Century will be turned upside down. Biden has stated his belief that the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the “two state solution.” For decades, American presidents pressed for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. However, the Palestinians have never been satisfied with a state alongside Israel. In essence, they want one state, a Palestinian one, and the Biden administration seems bent on pursuing ill-fated negotiations once again.

Many times since the rebirth of Israel, various Israeli Prime Ministers have offered large chunks of Israel to the Palestinians in return for peace. Every time, the Palestinians said no. (Here is the evidence of that.) It was falsely believed that peace between Israel and the Palestinians was the key to peace in the Middle East. So, why did the Palestinians refuse it over and over and over?

Then, along came President Trump with a new idea: Make peace in the Middle East, then deal with the Palestinian issue. They said it could not be done…but it was! The Abraham Accords resulted in peace between Israel and Muslim nations of UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and more to come if given the opportunity. Moreover, cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia have advanced far beyond anyone imagined only a few short years ago.

The Trump administration took Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital off the table when they declared Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel. They also moved America’s embassy to Jerusalem, further cementing that fact. (A promise all presidents since 1995 made, but failed to do.) They stated what has always been factual by law, that Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are sovereign territories of Israel.

Everyone of these initiatives brought greater peace to Israel and the Middle East…not chaos that many threatened. The US and Israel simply implemented a principle known as far back as George Washington: “Peace through strength.” When the strong take a righteous stand, there is peace.

Why is the Biden administration reversing such critical policies? Many reasons, but the primary one is Biblical: America must be stripped of power and ability to stand with Israel in the soon coming invasion of Israel described by the prophet Ezekiel in chapters 38-39. Globalism will do that. We are in for a very difficult and destructive four years if Jesus should tarry.

A recap of our simultaneous efforts:

  • America, Israel and the Church – a Bible study focused on understanding God’s plan in these last days. Lord willing, we will guide you through Scripture each morning.
  • Headlines: America, Israel and the Church – current or recent headlines that have Biblical significance regarding America, Israel and/or the church. This portion is intended to bring you truth and point you to God’s Word, but is not a Bible study per se.

Jesus is coming soon and I hope our journey together encourages you. You will find today’s Bible teaching right here.

See you on board!

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