Gazan Rioters Resort to New Tactics

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“Peaceful” Palestinian Protest near the Israeli Security Fence

About six weeks ago, Gazan rioters began mass protests at the border with Israel, intending, ultimately, to breach the border fence to infiltrate Israel, kill or take Israeli hostages, and terrorize Israeli villages.  They call the movement “March of Return” protests, and claim they are peaceful.  However, it has been anything but peaceful at the border.

It is believed that Hamas is prompting the riots, and they have been characterized by burning tires to create a smoke screen to allow rioters to break through the fence.  IDF soldiers patrolling the border have had rocks, bottles, molotov cocktails, hand grenades and other things thrown at them, but have boldly defended the border.

This past weekend, the protesters resorted to affixing burning fuel containers to kites and flying them into Israeli territory, setting fields afire.  Here is IDF footage of the attack kites:


Time and again, Israeli officials have warned that they will not sit back and allow Hamas-influenced Gaza rebels to threaten local Jewish communities or breach the border fence.  On Sunday night, military aircraft struck a Hamas position as a result of the kite attacks.

“The IDF will continue to operate against terror activity above and below land, and holds the Hamas terror organization responsible for all terror activities in the Gaza strip.”

“The arson phenomenon is not hidden from our eyes, and we are taking it very seriously. Attack kites are not a kids game and we don’t see it that way.”
~Official statements of the IDF

Read a full report of activity from this past weekend here.

Protests will surely continue until at least May 15, a day known as “nakba” (“catastrophe” in Arabic), when Arabs fled the land in 1948, primarily at the prompting of their leaders who vowed to destroy the newly-declared state of Israel, then bring them back.  Those plans, of course, were turned totally upside-down when the infant state of Israel defeated the five attacking Arab nations and legally regained the land from which they were exiled in 70 AD.

Much is happening in the next few days, as Israel prepares to celebrate 70 years of existence and independence.  Follow along over the next few days.  Soon, I will be in Washington DC to join with the International Christian Embassy (US Branch) and American Christian Leaders for Israel to celebrate Israel’s 70th, culminating May 15 with plans to gather at the Israeli Embassy, connected via satelite to the celebrations in Jerusalem!  I’ll do my best to provide updates as time allows.

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